September 27, 2012

Then vs Now

Then:  I wouldn't have left the house without a touch of lip gloss.
Now:  I am lucky if I shower before I hit up Target.  Baseball hat, anyone?

Then:  I couldn't finish a cup of coffee, ever.
Now:  It is my lifeline. Some days even require afternoon coffee.

Then:  I couldn't imagine life without dogs.
Now:  I look forward to the day.

Then:  I thought for sure I only wanted one child, ever.
Now:  I can't wait to see those two pink lines again.

Then:  I watched Saved by the Bell at 6 am, while getting ready for school.
Now:  I watch Saved by the Bell at noon while my child naps.

Then:  I thought skinny jeans with flats looked ridiculous and made your feet look huge.
Now:  It's my fall wardrobe staple.

Then:  I'd never go to Target without finding at least something in the clothing department.
Now:  I didn't even look in it's direction yesterday.

Then:  I'd wake up at 4:45 to hit the gym by 5.
Now:  I'm lucky to walk on the treadmill 3 days a week.

Then:  I'd chat for hours upon hours on the phone.
Now:  Text me, please.  Or HeyTell, yes, HeyTell.

Then:  I always paid in cash, always.
Now:  I never have cash on me.  Drives Jimmy batty.

Then:  I hated being alone.
Now:  I cherish each silent moment with myself.

Then:  I'd only read chick-lit {Shopaholic, Bergdorf Blondes, etc}.
Now:  Snozefest.  I need something with more substance.

Then:  I'd pay $145 for designer jeans.
Now:  I cringe if I pay more than $30 for Old Navy jeans.

Then:  I'd wear printed jeans because I was in 5th grade.
Now:  I wouldn't be caught dead in them.  No matter who tells me they're "in".

Then:  I'd wear Uggs as a fashion statement.
Now:  I wear them out of necessity.

Then:  I'd turn up my nose to the mention of venison.
Now:  It's all I cook with {except chicken, of course}.

Then:  I'd look for any reason to go shopping.
Now:  I do 90% of my shopping online {hello Ebates!}.

Then:  I could barely write a 2 page paper.
Now:  I write daily and love it.

Then:  I hated beer, with a passion.
Now:  I find it quite tasty, especially fall beers.

Then:  I was obsessed with UsWeekly, People, Life & Style, etc.
Now:  I can barely get through an issue of Glamour once a month.

Then:  I wanted my own reality show.
Now:  I'll stick to watching them.

Funny, I was making this list thinking, "eh I won't be able to come up with much because I'm still the same person I was 10 years ago".  And while that's true, for the most part, a lot of me has changed.  Most of it for the better {who really needs $150 jeans?}.  But some of them made me realize that I am such a grown-up now.  Gone are the days of cashing my paycheck and spending it on the latest trends.  Now I get excited when I find a really great deal on toys online.  I no longer dread being alone {yay!} but I'd prefer a brief text conversation over a drawn out phone call.  I realize that while I've come a long way from that boy-haircut sporting, wide leg pants wearing, girly girl hidden in a tomboy's clothes, deep down in my heart I am still the same baby loving, gossip magazine reading, friendship cherish-er, ice-cream lover I've always been.  Some days I hate being a grown up but other days it's pretty awesome.


  1. Some of these are actually pretty true for me too! It's crazy!!

  2. A lot of what you listed above are the same for me too...and looking back, comparing it to my life now, I wouldnt change it for anything!

    ....I saw on IG you went to church this past weekend, how did it go?

  3. I never have cash either....and I LOVE ebates! Totally agree on the jeans and books too!

  4. It's funny you posted this because I was JUST thinking to myself how much has changed over the past 10 or so years. But then again, I find myself getting back into the same music, same hair ADD, and the same I don't give a F attitude. Maybe I haven't changed so much! Great post!

  5. HAHA. yes. to the dog thing. oops, did I say that?

  6. Aw. That's a great list! Isn't it crazy how much changes?

  7. I love this Shannon but the one thing I am sure hasn't changed is the awesome person you are! I laugh because at least 75% of your post is true for me too ;)

  8. I love this list!!! I agree with nearly all of them!!

  9. I am so there with ya! Tons of these are me as well!!
    P.S. - off to check out HeyTell

  10. Such a great list! I agree with every single one...with the exception of the venison. ;) And, the Target shopping. I'm the complete opposite now....I NEVER used to look/buy Target clothes (always shopped at Express or American Eagle), and now? All I buy are clothes from Target. Love it. ;)

  11. Love this idea! Totally with you on the Target thing, the beer thing AND really on the Saved by the Bell thing!! Hillarious!


  12. I am in the same boat!!! Every Friday, the gossip mags are new in the grocery store here, so I'd go there after work, and spend the evening catching up on the latest "news." SO. MUCH. FREE. TIME. Glamour is a treat to get through each month, but it takes DAYS! And pretty much everything else you wrote is true for me too -- what a fun idea!

  13. Yep I agree with you on almost all of these. I've been trying to read last week's Us Weekly for 4 days and I finally just cancelled my subscription to Glamour b/c I never had time to read it.

    I also refuse to spend more than $30 on pretty much any article of clothing but I've always been like that.

    And I hate talking on the phone to anyone other than my husband or mother, text or email all the way!

  14. I love this post! I was thinking of all the things I do different now, its funny how much you really change if you think about it :)

  15. Love this post! Shaking my head in agreement with everyhing!

  16. This is great! I think we get better with age and thank God because I'm not sure I could ever go back super wide leg jeans lol.

  17. I'm with you on some of these as well... but I'm a jean snob- I can't give it up but I can look around for deals ;-)

  18. SERIOUSLY! all of these are sooooo true. cute post :)

  19. I love the "I write daily and love it," one. :-) SHANNON, I love hearing what you have to write! :-) Daily!


  20. i LOVE this idea!! and i love all your entries...i am the same with texting vs. phone calls, enjoying quiet time, and never having cash!

  21. This was a great post. I can almost relate to everything you just said, I mean, I'm not married or have kids, but so many things change when we 'grow up' and we don't even notice. This was actually refreshing, now I know I'm not alone!!! xx

  22. As a fellow mama, I really got a kick out of this post. Although I have to say, the one about the jeans is the exact opposite for me haha.