November 23, 2012

FAB Friday

Today I'm linking up with my good friend and favorite Voxing friend, Laura, for some FAB Fridays!

Today is Black Friday which is FABulous for you crazies, not for this mama.  Kendall and I will be sitting in our PJs and enjoying some online deals.

Speaking of, that brings me to my first FAB...

  • EBATES.  You all know how much I love online shopping AND Ebates already but, in case you needed further convincing, a lot of stores have double {some even tripled} the amount of cash back you get for this weekend {for example, Old Navy is usually 2% and this weekend it's 10%}.  I just placed an order and earned 8% cash back plus used an Ebates member exclusive coupon code for 20% off my entire order!  Hello savings!  I mean if you are going to online shop you may as well get paid to do so, right?  
My second FAB comes from my favorite smell good company, Scentsy.
  • Silver Bells Scentsy Bar.  I have been a fan of Scentsy since I got my first warmer and bar but this scent made me fall in love all over again!  It's one of their holiday scents but it doesn't scream Christmas {like peppermint or fern may}.  I smelled it when I first got it and knew I'd love it but I warmed it for the first time on Wednesday and it was even better!  I highly recommend it.  BTW Laura is having a great deal for Black Friday so email her for details!
My third {and last} FAB is a product I got YEARS ago and kind of forgot about until this week.  
  • TRESemme Curl Activator Spray.  You spray it on your dry hair, blast it with the hair dryer for about 30 seconds and then curl.  It's THE best.  I don't have to use any other products with this {minus some hairspray on my bangs} and my curls last all day!  Best part is it's CHEAP, like really cheap.  
Now head on over and visit Laura and link up with some things you are finding FAB this week!


  1. Ebates is freaking SWEET. I just discovered it a few months ago and I LOVE it. I've been doing a ton of Christmas shopping online anyway, so it's nice to get that extra $$ back!

  2. Should I even admit I haven't tried Scentsy? I find it kind of confusing!

  3. I'm hearing loads about this Ebates stuff?! Might just have to get er a go today. ;) Online shopping FTW!

  4. I'm seriously going to have to check Ebates out. I keep hearing about it and I've never even been to their site!

  5. Thanks for the plug! You already know my feelings on Silver Bells. :)

    There is seriously NOTHING like that curl activator.

  6. I need some more Scentsy bars...going to have to check that one out. :)

  7. YAY for ebates!! Love them. :)