November 29, 2012

The Good Stuff

So I know I talk about The Terrible Twos often.  So often that you guys are probably like, "OMG that Kendall sounds like Problem Child" and would definitely turn me down if I asked you to babysit.  It hurts my heart to think that I have painted KP in this terrible light  I mean SURE we have our moments, what toddler doesn't?  But really, in all honesty, my child is such a delight.
Her favorite thing right now, favorite, is princesses.  She loves them all, Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, even ones that she hasn't seen like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty & Princess Tiana. LOVES them and she loves pretending she is one.  She has even gotten to the point where she puts on her "halloween dress" aka a generic, pink, princess dress and wears it over her clothes, even in public.  It's fine, it's one of those fights I'm not willing to fight and the attention she gets is adorable, "OH you have a princess with you!!!".  She eats it up. I swore no character clothes would ever grace her body but the way she lights up when she wears her "Ci-er-ellie" shirt or her "Sleepy Booty" nightgown, I cannot resist.  It's too much.

Too bad she doesn't act like a princess all the time.  Girlfriend is wild.  She loves to "jump jump jump", climb on everything, do flips, "spin round", basically she is a monkey.  She loves dancing, and she's got a mean wiggle.  I mean it's like her hips aren't even attached to her body.  I love it.  She also loves singing and that might be my favorite thing about this stage.  She remembers words to songs after hearing them once, it's amazing.  Some of her favorites are "The Barney Song" {I love you , you love me}, "Chocolate Song" {from Choo Choo Soul} and "We Can Do It" {from Cinderella}. 
She's still in a crib but we're starting to entertain the idea of a toddler bed.  We talk about it some times but she just LOVES her crib and sleeps so well in it, I'm afraid to ruin that. She'll be getting her big girl bedding for Christmas {shh...she doesn't know} and so we'll address it more after that.  Right now she wakes up around 8-9 {thanks to the aluminum foil on the windows} and usually takes a 2 1/2-3 hour nap a day.  I cannot complain about the sleep department, ever.

I think one of my favorite things that she does right now is that she calls the grocery store a supermarket.  Around here it's just "going to the grocery store" or "going to Kroger" we never use the word supermarket, like, ever. But Kendall does and I just love it!  I wish I could take credit but Bubble Guppies is responsible, 100%.  She also loves to say, "let my {me} see it" in regards to anything.  Reading a book?  "Let my see it!".  Eating food?  "Let my see it!". It's cute and annoying all at the same time.  

Her absolute favorite thing to play with right now is puzzles.  Like, real puzzles.  It's amazing to watch, really. A few weeks ago I was out with my mother-in-law and wanted to buy some puzzles because she has a giant Dora puzzle {only 5 pieces} and she could do it like a pro.  I thought it might be fun to challenge her with a more complicated 24 piece puzzle...yeah right.  She can literally put them together with little to no guidance.  I mean she's just so dang smart.  

I think it's safe to say that she lives on fruit snacks at this point.  I know it's not the healthiest option but at least it's not candy.  She loves them and is constantly running to the pantry, "I need more fruit snacks!".  We're also working on manners right now.  She's getting better about the "I need" and replacing it with "may I please have..." but it's a work in progress. 

 She's definitely started being more affectionate lately and will randomly come up, hug my leg and say, "I lub {love} you soooo much mommy" and then I melt into a puddle on the floor.  Just last night we were sitting at the table and she was saying "mom, mom, mom" and when I corrected her that she's supposed to say "excuse me" when she wants my attention, she quickly grabbed my hand, held it, then proceeded to put her head down on it and said "I lub you mama".  I mean talk about heart exploding.  

Potty training is nowhere in sight, as of right now. She's starting to recognize when things are happening, she's running to hide when she does #2 and she's starting to hate diaper changes.  So maybe it'll happen soon?  Either way I'm not pushing it, she'll let me know when she's ready.

This kid says and does the darndest things!  The other morning she was eating her cereal and I look over and she's going, "mommy, I eat like a doggy" and she's lapping the milk from her bowl.  She has a "signature move" where she gets down like she's in the downward facing dog position and then she puts one leg in the air and says "gymnastics!!!!!" and is so proud.  If you ask her how old anyone is, everyone is two, like her.  Her best friend is Smith, always.  She skips 5 when she's counting, all of the sudden, out of nowhere.  She loves the reaction she gets when she sneezes or coughs so if she does it once she fakes it 5 more times to hear, "bless you" one more time.  A couple of weeks ago she completely surprised me when she just started reciting her bedtime prayers in the middle of the day, out of nowhere.  That was a very proud moment.

She still has some OCD tendencies.  When I lay her down at night and cover her up her blanket has to be facing pattern side up or else she cries and tells me it's backwards.  When we swing on the swingset we have to be facing west, always.  If something is normally in a certain place and then for some reason or another it moves she freaks and puts it back.  She thinks that certain pens and pad of paper are mine or Jimmy's and if one of us uses one that she thinks belongs to the other person she FREAKS out and makes us give it back.  I'm working on teaching her that we can use whichever because we share but for now she thinks any pink pen is mine.  I'm hoping these carry into her teen years and she winds up being very organized, smart and tidy.

I swear each day is an adventure with this little lady and she makes me laugh and appreciate life in a whole new way.  Although we may have our bad days our good days always outweigh them.


  1. She sounds like so much fun, and super smart. I have a 2 year old and the stuff they say is so funny sometimes. It's like a comedy show here every day. we are working on the potty training for the 3rd time- trust me it's just better to wait until they basically tell you- don't waste your time.

  2. We had to start limited Em to 1 fruitsnack pack a day because I swear she'd eat the whole darn box (like the BIG BOX hahaha). It has been a BATTLE but I thinks he is *finally* getting it. Are they like toddler crack, or what? Lately we are in the, "I'm a puppy!" phase too. These kids are so weird but so cute. I liked seeing all these cute things about KP! She sounds like a silly, sweet, typical toddler. Her and Em would be good friends ;)

  3. Aw I love reading all of her updates... Thats funny Emmaline lives off of them too " Minnie candies" she calls them, but girl eats them like whoa

  4. LOL! She sounds so funny. I can't wait until Ali is talking and doing all of these kinds of things. Sounds so entertaining -- along with taking care of the terrible twos business!

  5. I have so many things to day about this post...she sounds just like my two year old.

    First off they have a choo choo soul DVD with all sorts of songs and dances. Beat $8 amazon purchase. She spends lots of time...ahem too much time watching and dancing to that DVD.

    And the hugs? Love them.

    Getting snacks for the pantry..I'm about to put a lock on it.

    My daughter HATES her toddler bed and now she ends up sleeping in the pack and play because we gave her crib to the baby. I really don't know why she won't sleep in it. It's even a princess bed with a canopy. I guess she is just not ready.

    And how in the world did you get her to sleep until 8:00? Is this the same girl that woke up at 6? I also put tin foil on Hadley's windows and she still gets up at 6.

  6. OMG I am buying that choo choo soul dvd Traci is talking about. So... the toddler bed. Are you guys just converting her crib into a toddler bed? Like did you buy toddler big girl bedding? My Kendall sleeps great in her crib too so I hate to mess up a good thing. I bought a bed rail in case we convert her crib to a toddler bed but I am just so unsure about it!

  7. So cute....Kendall reminds me a lot of my daughter at thet age! She would put together a puzzle in no time and now she can put together over 300 piece puzzle. They grow up so fast but this is a fun age....She is such a doll!!

  8. My face hurts from smiling when I was reading this. So sweet my teeth hurt too!

  9. My nephew says 'my' for 'I'm' all the time. Its hilarious. They were here to visit in August and all of us were walking around saying 'my tired' or 'my hungry' after because it was just so cute.

  10. Aw, I love all these little anecdotes. I can't wait to have my own to share one day!

  11. The sleep experts on Isis parenting say leave them in the crib as long as you can. That until 2.5 they can't grasp the stay in your bed concept. I know a 2 year old that stays in his big boy bed but his parents are a little iffy so I'm totally stressing about what if I get pregnant this month and we have to move Chase before 2.5! I know people do it so we'll see. Anyways, that's my 2 cents on that. Kp is so smart I'm sure she'll be fine. I'm totally having déjà vu comment. Sorry if I said this before!

  12. Beautiful! I loved reading that :)

  13. Sweet little thing! We love fruit snacks too. I only buy the Dora ones because now he just calles them "doras". Its funny! Good for her on the puzzles. Smart little lovey! Manners are fun too. We are working on yes sir and yes maam right now...and just YES in general...and not uh huh or yeah. It's so sweet. I love it when Lance says "Easton?" and he'll say 'what'...then Lance will say "easton???" and he'll say 'yes sir' absolutely priceless. And just to say YES sounds SO MUCH BETTER than uh huh or yeah. LOVE THAT! Love a kid with manners!!!! You're doing a great job Shannon! She's a doll!!!!!

  14. I love reading all the fun things Miss KP is doing. Great post!

  15. Awww, I do the same thing. I'm sure my friends think my kid is a terror, and sometimes she is, but I swear I just want to hug and kiss her all the time and she does a million and one awesome things that I don't post often enough about!