December 19, 2012

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
So What Wednesday

  • I have a bump already.  They say with each baby you show sooner, right?
  • I still have some Christmas gifts to buy.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with our fireplace insert.  I love the heat and ambiance of it but I hate how loud it is and how much work it is.
  • Kendall  and I ate shells and cheese and nuggets for dinner.  I love toddler meals sometimes.
  • I delete links that aren't even remotely SWW related.
  • I think the people that are in an uproar over the Facebook/Instagram "changes" are ridiculous.  Educate yourselves, don't be alarmists.
  • I tried following this $50/week meal plan and spent $170...I suck.
  • I accidentally let Jimmy find out about one of his Christmas presents.  Stupid Internet.
  • I feel privileged to know that some other bloggers are pregnant before they "spill the beans".
  • My child knows how to work the DVD player. 
  • I use the treadmill as time to catch up on RHBH and Teen Mom2.
  • I'm still in shock that I'm pregnant.  It still hasn't sunk in.
  • I'm really really excited for Christmas this year but also a little sad that the season is almost over already.  Went fast this year, no?
  • My child wears pajamas more days than she wears actual outfits.  It's not worth fighting over if we aren't going anywhere.


  1. Girl, whatever motivates us, right?? I go to the gym to listen to audiobooks and catch up on This American Life podcasts! :P PS. Your bump is adorbs!

  2. Glad I am not the only one who lets my toddler {and myself} wear PJ's all day if we aren't going anywhere. I like to blame pregnancy but seriously its just easier! =)

  3. Usually we are out the door by 8:30 to take my oldest to school, but since she is on Christmas break, jammies all day! Yay! But now they are getting a little stir crazy and I have to get them out of the house. Thank goodness Chick-Fil-A has an indoor play area!

  4. My grocery bill is always insane. I don't know how people spend less than $100. My husband is about to put me on the cash envelope system. I hope he's prepared for Ramen every day of the last week of the month.

  5. I'm totally jealous you have a bump already, so rock it!! ;) Anddd I def just realized I have a couple more gifts to buy- when I thought I was already done, whoops!!

    Shells & cheese sounds amazing. I'd def take a toddler meal for lunch right now!

  6. Oh the gifts..every year I always say I'm going to buy early. We have 6 more days! I spent $130 one month(ish) on groceries and have failed to ever do it again!

  7. I have a baby bump already too. I am in my last week of my Frist Trimeste and I am in preggo pants. Rock it girl.. Be proud! I know that it didn't sink in for me until I got to see the little bean in an ultrasound. Once I seen it and it's heartbeat I was more excited then I was when I took the test. Christmas.. UGH! I think I finally finished my shopping today on my lunch... My Christmas starts Saturday. Happy Holiays!

  8. I am looking at this $50/week thing tonight. I bet I'd fail as much as you did, though. $50 a week is ridic.

  9. As a hungry person at this very moment, I really REALLY want some shells & cheese and nuggets.

  10. Toddler meals are the best! My 5 year old thought it was the funniest thing when I grabbed one of her lunchables to take to the office the other day!!!

  11. Christmas has totally creeped up on us this year. It happened so fast that I'm no where near ready. I have to sneak out tomorrow night and try to buy some last minute gifts for family & friends [probably won't happen]...and there's no shame in toddler meals! I'm childless and some nights I have "toddler meals". It's just so good sometimes!

  12. My daughter that is Kendall's age wore PJ's to her big sister's school Christmas program. Yep, out in of the year right here! I chanted to myself the whole time...pick your battles! Gotta love their stubbornness.

  13. Shells and cheese are the best at anytime. : )