January 23, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
So What Wednesday

  • I started Pretty Little Liars this week and YES, I am hooked.  
  • We left the house for 7 days in a row last week and we've yet to leave the house once this week.
  • I am so over cold weather.  Yes, I know it's only January.  Yes, I know I live in Ohio so it's expected but I still hate it.  White hot hate.
  • I can only walk on the treadmill if I have something to watch.  Pathetic, I know.
  • I truly believe the Glimmersticks eyeliner has changed my {makeup} life.
  • My child thinks it's hilarious when she "toot toots".
  • Jimmy and I had a kid-free-night last Saturday and after dinner we raided Kroger like a bunch of high-school kids, high on marijuana and came home to watch Cougar Town and ate a half of a cheesecake.
  • Kendall has been in PJs for the past 2 days.  I gave her a bath Monday and promptly put her in a fresh pair, at least.
  • I've already been working on Valentine's projects.
  • We have a playroom but rarely play in it.  Most of the time we are in the living room.
  • Every night I have an internal struggle, do I get on the treadmill?  Read a book? Or catch up on the DVR?  aka #firstworldproblems.


  1. And this is why Netflix is dangerous! :P I'm nervous to start watching new shows because then I'll be hooked on one more. But I have to admit, I totally have this in my instant queue...

    Also? Yeah, this Ohio weather is ridiculous this week. We don't have much snow in Akron, but its cold as balls. Seriously? -9 with wind chill?? UGH.

  2. I am laughing so hard right now Shannon!!! Damn me for forgetting to write a SWW post, maybe I can pull one together quick and link up but I love your rendition of this week's SWW because its awesome!! xo

  3. I'm used to the gym treadmill where I would watch TV (with captions), listen to music, and read a magazine. It was the only way to distract myself. I used our treadmill last night and had to find an episode of Teen Mom 2 to entertain me while on it! Haha. Totally get where you are coming from!

  4. I've been watching PLL for a while now and it truly is addicting. I started the books last week though, and honestly, they are kind of just blah. I'm typically a book > show/movie person...but definitely not in this case! Also, the treadmill thing...yeah I'd totally give up after 2 mins if it weren't for shows.

  5. Wonderful hubby borrowed my headphones before we moved and they have not resurfaced. What am I going to do? Go be alone with my thoughts for 30 min? Don't think so. At least I ordered a new pair. Arriving today. No excuse now I guess!

  6. I am hooked to PLL...I love it. I feel like it is real! HAHA My husband hates it and comes up with a new name for the show every week! Although he always watches it with me so I think maybe he secretly likes it!! =)

  7. My kid spent all day Monday in PJ's. My husband took him over to my inlaws and my MIL asked why he was still in his PJ's and my hubby was like "why not?" haha. Also, I despise winter.

  8. James (my 1 year old) pretty much only owns PJs. Even his 'real' clothes are sweatpants etc. He dresses like his momma. That is...when he's wearing clothes.

  9. PLL! Woot, woot! :) That is all.

  10. You'll have to share your valentines day projects!! I love seeing crafts