January 14, 2013

Things I Love About Being A Mom

When it comes to being a mom the emotions are more bipolar than Lindsay Lohan. One day you are all rainbows and puppy dogs and the next you are ready to check yourself into Betty Ford.  I've had my share of ups and downs during my 2.5 years.  There have been days that I could cry from joy and pride and there were days that I wondered why I even signed up to do this in the first place.  I can finally say that we are at a point where most days are good.  After a rough start to The Terrible Twos I think we can officially say those days are behind us, for now.  I'm sure we'll have plenty of rough patches but for the most part I'm in the rainbows and puppy dog phase, again.  So much so that I complied a whole list of things that I love about being a mom, right now.  Things I can look back on when I'm climbing the walls, seconds away from cracking open that half drank box of wine in my fridge.
  • I love her squinty eyes first thing in the morning.  So sweet, so innocent.
  • I love hearing her come up with her own version of common sayings.  Example: "Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you, nuffin to do right now".
  • When she thinks that you are hurt or upset she immediately says, "what's wrong?" and quickly gives you a kiss.
  • She calls the grocery store a supermarket, always.
  • Hearing her learn the words to songs is quite possibly the cutest thing, right now.
  • I love that she wants me to blow dry her hair, most nights.  She says, "ooh my hair long like 'Punzel!".
  • She's my little helper when it comes to housework.  Her best chore has to be laundry.  She will take the clothes I give her from the washer and put them in the dryer then from the dryer to the clothes basket.
  • She's doing this thing with her belly, we call it the belly roll.  She says, "you like big belly or skinny belly?" and then she rolls it, big, skinny, big, skinny.  
  • She's so independent, it's almost annoying.  Heck, at times it is very inconvenient.  But, I hope this continues into her teen years and she'll be able to stand up for herself and what she believes in.
  • She loves her daddy and every day when he wakes up her favorite thing to do is get him a K-cup, "daddy you want some coffee?".
  • I love when she randomly says "I lub you".
  • I love when she asks for fruit snacks first thing in the morning.  She knows she's not allowed to have them that early so she'll say it really soft and quiet with an "I know you're going to say no" look on her face.
  • No matter when I ask her she always says Smith is her best friend, even though she hasn't seen him since July.
  • I love hearing her use words and phrases in the right context nowadays.
  • If I ask her a question she'll put her finger to her lip and say, "hmm...what do you think?".  Kills me dead.
  • Blankie is still her favorite thing on this planet.  The tag on Blankie is a separate entity and when she talks about it she talks about it separately.
Just as I was afraid The Terrible Twos were going to be the death of me we've taken a turn for the better.  I can honestly say I am thoroughly enjoying this phase that we're in.  Watching her become a little person is such a joy and I am blessed to be able to spend every day in her presence.


  1. Great minds think a like I tell you! I have something pretty similar in my saved drafts right now! Love this! I love how these girls have grown into such little ladies. It's amazing the things they can do and the little people they have become. I can't wait for the years to come :-)

  2. Sweet Monday morning post! Y'all have a great week!

  3. This is so cute. I love that Smith is her best friend! You're such a good momma :)

  4. She's such a cutie! I love the belly roll thing, it must be hysterical!

  5. We were at the hospital last weekend visiting my niece, at one point my sister-in-law plopped down on the couch and sighed... Liv stopped playing, turned to her and goes, "you ok mom??"

    It was the cutest thing, it's so funny how they pick up on others emotions now and question them!

  6. Ahh...I love my girl in the morning! She is so cute! I see my little one's attitude now so I am dreading the terrible twos as well. I'm glad it's been easier on you, especially with a little one on the way!

  7. She has such a great little personality! Love it! I'm totally gonna steal this idea from you for my blog...I'm in the thick of the "almost" terrible twos and it would probably benefit my sanity to highlight what I love about being a mom. Especially now that I'm signed up for number 2 ;) You give me hope that easier days are ahead! You should do a post with a bunch of compiled KP-isms or quotes. That Scooby one kills me.

  8. Oh my gosh, the belly roll thing is hilarious! These kids. :)

  9. So warm and fuzzy, love this post. It feels good to be back to reading them! These kids are just the best!

  10. Cute Post! My daughter does the same thing with her belly but calls it her Santa belly! :)

  11. "Kills me dead." I LOVE that. :) These are all SO sweet! The fruit snack one cracks me up!

  12. All those things are so sweet. I hope I can be a mom someday and experience the good and the bad! Great list!

  13. So cute!!! I recently posted about the terrible/terrific twos too. Of course, we are barely 2 months into it haha so hopefully it will become more terrific less terrible in time. I try not to wish away the days, but Aubrey Jo still isn't talking and when I read your posts and the cute things KP says, I can't help but wish A would just become more verbal too.

  14. I love seeing all the little updates for KP! & I cannot wait to see them for the new little miss or mister as well :) I am so excited & happy for you all...

  15. Your little girl looks adorable :)

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