February 13, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
So What Wednesday

  • After yesterday's post I wound up eating Burger King for lunch and a corn dog and pizza for dinner.
  • I am getting way too used to eating out.  I just hate cooking these days.
  • I still haven't gotten Jimmy his Valentine's Day present.
  • I can't wait to show you Kendall's Valentine's Day pictures.  I put a sneak on IG yesterday because I just couldn't wait.
  • I already started warming my spring/summer scents in my Scentsy warmers.
  • I think I'm more anxious to find out the sex of Baby Dew #2 than I was with Kendall.  I think it's because with her I wanted a girl, oh so bad, and this time I'm perfectly content with either.
  • I'm annoyed that the bachelor started again.  For the love!  Am I the only person that doesn't watch that trash?
  • I'm in full on maternity clothes today. Pants?  Check.  Tank?  Check.  Sweater?  Check.
  • I ran out, at 7 pm, with my child in a tutu and princess crown, to get C batteries for a new toy I knew would occupy her for the rest of the night.
  • My child has been going to sleep much later these days, close to 9.  At least she's sleeping later too.
  • This is my first month sponsoring other blogs.  I think I'm addicted.
  • Kendall slept in a dress the other night.  Some things are not worth the fight.
  • I keep saying I'm going to clean the playroom but it's been a wreck for months.


  1. You are NOT ALONE about the bachelor. I even tried to watch it this season because some of my best friends--and my sister--are obsessed with it. I couldn't get passed the first 20 minutes of the first episode. It was cringe-worthy at almost every single second. (And, trust me, this is coming from a girl who is NOT afraid to get her shallow on regarding entertainment.)

  2. Kendall's Valentines pics (the ones on IG) are so cute! She is beautiful!

  3. Until I got pregnant I took great joy in meal planning, making a list, and grocery shopping. Now I despise all three. Luckily I live less than a mile from the commissary because I go about every day - I mean how is a preggy supposed to know on SUNDAY what she wants for dinner on WEDNESDAY?!?! It's too much to ask:-P
    PS Please share this magical new toy! I need something magical to entertain Rowan from the hours of 4-6 when my patience is shot (ie when I normally have a cocktail but can't for the next 3.5 months!)

  4. I don't watch the back bachelor either!

  5. The Bachelor is the worst show EVER!!

  6. I still haven't gotten Jared a card/gift yet either. I'm going to be scrambling tonight to pull that together, ugh!!

  7. Her Valentine's pictures are ADORABLE

  8. I am so happy to find someone else who does not watch the bachelor! you could not pay me to watch that trash.

    Kendall's Valentine's Day pic you posted yesterday was so cute/sweet that it made my teeth hurt :)

    - Val @ KnotTiedDown.com

  9. You are definitely not the only one who doesn't watch the Bachelor. I have tried several seasons to jump on the banwagon and I cannot stomach it. It is so fake. Who wouldn't fall in love being whisked around the world? It isnt real life though!

    Kate @ Raising the Rogers

  10. In all the years that the Bachelor/Bachelorette has been on I have probably seen 20 minutes of the show total. I'm NOT a fan of it either and I get annoyed by it!! Im so sure a big group of girls ALL happen to fall in love with one guy that was put on the show with them. Makes TOTAL SENSE!

  11. I have no words for KP's Valentine pics. I mean, just speechless. What a beauty!!!! Let me know some of your fave Scentsy scents. I just hopped on the bandwagon. Just ordered Black Ruby, Baked Apple Pie, and Coconut Lemongrass.

  12. I agree! The bachelor is just too much for me!


  13. Ditto on the bachelor and the Valentine's gift

  14. I totally agree that some things are just not worth the battle - I let Amelia sleep in her play clothes some nights :) I HATE THE BACHELOR - I dont watch it, I dont get it, I think it's pathetic - not the people who watch it but the show itself - same thing with American Idol - ugh - if they were both on - I might lose it :)

  15. The Bachelor is the best! You are missing out. And this season started a long time ago!

    Did you get sweet potato fries at Burger King? I am dying to try them!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  16. I hate the bachelor. I watched one episode years ago when my old sorority sister was on it, she got drunk the first night and went home, HA.

    My eating out bill these last two months has tripled bc I refuse to cook and all I want is junk food. LOL.

    I scheduled my 'big' post for tomorrow on Valentines Day...finally!

  17. I am with you on the bachelor. I just don't get the attraction to that show. Those pics on IG are adorable!

  18. I stopped watching the Bachelor years ago.

  19. You've inspired me to post Valentine's Day photos of my daughter. We will see if I actually do it. :-)

  20. Never watched a single episode of the Bachelor EVER! UGH.

  21. Thanks for hosting Shannon! You are awesome. Also Thank you so much for helping with my questions. It means a lot to me to have a blog friend like you! =)