April 3, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
So What Wednesday

  • I have to bribe Kendall to do just about anything these days.  Whatever works, right?
  • I feel like picking out a preschool for Kendall to go to next year is as crazy as choosing a college.
  • I can't wait for warmer weather so that I'll actually be motivated to get up and out of the house at a decent hour.
  • Kendall's Easter basket was a princess pail and the contents probably totaled less than $10.  That's not what Eater is all about, in my opinion.
  • Speaking of Easter, we did not get an Easter Bunny pic this year.
  • I let Kendall leave the house in socks and sandals.  We pick our battles around here.
  • We haven't done anything baby related in a long time.  We have time, right?
  • I love it that Kendall cannot open doors yet.
  • I'm disappointed with my Big Fat Check this quarter.
  • I created a baby registry.  It's more for me to have a visual list of things we need.
  • This is my first post all week.
  • I get annoyed any time someone mentions how big my milk makers are.  Like I don't know!


  1. I had to bribe G with a starburst at 8:30 on Easter morning just so he would take a picture with his brother. Mom of the Year!

  2. So far my Big Fat Check is $12. I was so excited since all my Christmas shopping was on my last one and I got close to $100 back! This check won't even be able to take us out to Mcdonald's!

  3. Totally freaking relate to your last one. THEY ARE BIG. I GET IT. THANKS. ;)

  4. I made a Wish List on Amazon for the baby too! It actually has morphed into 5 lists now - one for me (gadgets, clothes, make-up, grocery items....everything you could imagine), one for gift ideas for my husband, one for Rowan, one for the baby and one of gift ideas for other family members. I love a "registry!"

  5. You are speaking my language this week! I feel like I can comment on everything you said.
    1. I bribe too, but right now my son is still easy to distract. I have been warned that they get harder to distract the older they get. *crap*
    2. I kept saying that when the temperature was warmer outside, I would start jogging. Not only have I NOT done that, but I have started eating again like I'm training for an eating contest. *double crap*
    3. Milo's Easter basket probably cost about $10 too. And my family and friends get ridiculous with their Easter basket. My little cousins actually got plastic high heels in their baskets (they are 5 and 3 years old). The only toy my son got was a plastic bouncy ball from Target that cost $1. Everything else was Goldfish crackers and Teddy Grahams inside plastic eggs.
    4. My son, for the first time, opened a door yesterday. He is only 17 months old, and I am deeply upset about it. I thought I had another few months at least before he started hacking into other rooms! Now I REALLY have to baby proof. *triple crap*
    5. I think it is smart to have created a baby registry so that you can figure out what you need! I would do that too, whether I expected someone to look at it or not. (And trust me, someone WILL buy from it regardless of how many children you already have, so that's a win-win! I recently got pissed because I had to buy for someone my husband works with (read: I don't know her), and she's a total tomboy and cheapskate and has 2 boys already, and now she's pregnant with a girl but hates "girl stuff" so I was scratching my head trying to figure out what she wanted. Sorry, I am rambling.)

    Thanks for the link up Shannon. Check out my blog if you want! I'm new to the blogging world and would love if you visited!

    Happy Day,

  6. * I bribe for just about everything, being a parent is tough enough most days to add extra agruing.

    * I had an awful time picking a preschool for my daughter! I was very picky, my husband actually referred to me as a "preschool nazi" a few times. I actually think preschool is a just as important as college if not more. It starts their learning pattern.

  7. Fortunatly no one has been rude enough or dumb enough to comment on the size of my jugs. Well, my husband has but you know how that goes. I didn't spend a whole lot on my daughter's Easter bucket either for the same reasons. I created a registry like 2 months ago but only because I was entered to win a gift card!

  8. We didn't take Hunter to the Easter Bunny either, they all look creepy to me and I didn't want to pay $20 for a picture of him screaming.

    Also, he just learned how to open the door to his bedroom and the bathroom, we're so screwed.

  9. Don't feel bad about the Easter Bunny pic. We didn't do one either. And as far as doing anything for baby, I have 12 weeks left and still no baby's room. My husbands twin's furniture is still in the house from when he lived there... two years ago. He is his own person so we are most likely responsible for getting it out of the house. We still need to patch the walls, prime the walls (to cover the ugly red), paint the walls and lay a new floor. UGH!! I am stressing.

  10. I thought the Easter bunny was a little scary...It would have been a pretty funny picture though. Your boobs are big? really?

  11. Your blog is loading so slow for me today. Maybe I do need a new computer!

    You better find a bunny and get a picture missy! LOL. And did you really call them milk makers? Really????

  12. I LOVE this week's SWW friend!! I do the exact same things with the girls with the bribery, choosing my battles wisely, etc. I don't know if they have it by you but the "school" my girls are going to is a child development class offered in the high school in our town that the seniors who are going on to college to study elementary education take this class. The teacher is wonderful and they learn SOOO much- when Julianna took an aptitude test for one of the preschools by us I knew I wasn't sending her there- that is complete BS in my mind because preschool is not about knowing EVERYTHING, its the beginning of learning and schooling outside of home- so don't stress lovie! xoxo

  13. We totally pick our battles around here too. Some things just aren't worth fighting over.

  14. We absolutely pick our battles around here as well. Mine have been known to wander Walmart in princess dresses or tutus. Whatever keeps them happy and quiet in the store is A-OK with me.

  15. I get annoyed with people commenting on my chest size too! I went from C to E or so and do people NOT think I realize this. And the nicknames are even more annoying to me "Dolly Parton" "Playboy Bunny" etc. Umm not funny AT ALL!

    Choosing battles is the key to a happy tantrum free household! (or so I have been told, works well with the husband).

  16. we didn't do anything baby related w/P until 30 something weeks and poor Tyler...the only thing I did was wash some newborn sleepers.

  17. "milk makers" haha- love that! Baby documenting and stuff in general is hard, but at least it's your second and you did it all "right" the 1st time. I need to do the $10 basket next year. The girls cared more about a dollar bin item than they did anything else- go figure.

  18. I feel your pain with schools - I am freaking out a bit choosing the "right" one for next year for our little SJ!
    As for the milk makers, I feel your pain again - and I hate mine now :(