April 5, 2013

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up:  The forecast looks warm for the next week.
Thumbs Down:  Of course there's lots of rain.

Thumbs Up:  I made myself a hot breakfast today.
Thumbs Down: I had to get up 187,965,288 times while eating said breakfast because a certain toddler needed a napkin, her milk, a vitamin, to go potty, etc.

Thumbs Up:  James Weston has been moving more and more lately, I love it.
Thumbs Down:  Jimmy still can't feel him.

Thumbs Up:  IT'S FRIDAY!
Thumbs Down:  My husband is working all weekend.

Thumbs Up:  Instead of buying 3 books on my reading list I got them all, free, from the library.
Thumbs Down:  I'm on a waiting list for all three.

Thumbs Up:  Kendall is a talking machine and just grabbed my face and stroked it saying, "you're so precious".
Thumbs Down:  She also says things like "this is ridicluss".

Thumbs Up:  I got the new "scentless" Jergen's Natural Glow and love it.
Thumbs Down:  It's not scentless.

Thumbs Up:  Starbucks soy, no water Chai tea lattes.
Thumbs Down:  I've turned my toddler into a Starbucks snob and now she has to get something every time we go too.

Thumbs Up:  I didn't get weighed at my 20 week appointment this week.
Thumbs Down:  I just weighed myself.

Thumbs Up:  Kendall got to fly a kite for the first time this week and LOVED every minute.
Thumbs Down:  Jimmy then got said kite stuck in a tree.

Thumbs Up:  Zarbee's All-Natural Children's Nighttime Cough Syrup.
Thumbs Down:  Kendall has a yucky cough and runny nose just in time for the nice weather.

Thumbs Up:  I love the new cast on The Voice.  I think they all jive so well.
Thumbs Down:  We are still only on the first episode.

Thumbs Up: Only 2 more weeks of Jimmy's crappy work schedule.
Thumbs Down:  Still 2 more weeks of Jimmy's crappy work schedule.

Thumbs Up:  Super Why allows me to cook breakfast and sometimes shower in peace.
Thumbs Down:  I miss watching Live With Kelly & Michael.

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. That's great that Jimmy is going to be off his crappy schedule? Is it for good? Or does he have to rotate shifts?

  2. I never could use the Jergens Natural Glow for more than a few days because I couldn't stand the smell. The smell is why I can't use really any sunless tanner :(

  3. I've been using the Loreal Sublime aerosol spray tanner and think it works great and with no gross smell.

  4. I bought the Jergens Natural glow scentless mousse and I agree. It is not scentless. I might try neutrogena when this one runs out. I don't really mind the smell because I need some color on my white body!

  5. I hate having to get up 38274398743 times while I am attempting to eat. Annoying!

    Yay for Jimmy almost finished with his work schedule. My hubby is just starting his crappy work schedule, has left the house every morning by 5:30a and not home until 10:30p. Boo. I will get to see him if it rains though :-)

  6. First of all, LOVE The Voice. Love it so much that I actually watch the auditions which I never do for any show ever.

    Second, shut up about Zarbees because I just discovered the night time version this week. Can I get an 'amen' for melatonin!?!?! She can actually sleep now! (but for reals the actual COUGH SYRUP is total crap - neither the day or night version has ever helped her one iota with actual coughing...)

  7. and PS don't be tempted to try the new Jergens moisturizing tanning foam...the lotion is 39403948 times better.

  8. I've been meaning to pick up a kite for my little guy. He's never flown one before and I think he'd love it! Of course ours will probably be stuck in a tree somewhere too!
    Hope your little one feels better soon
    You all have a nice weekend!

  9. I haven't seen The Voice yet but I'll have to catch up soon.

  10. As a fellow two year old mom, I relate to SO many of these!

  11. I don't watch the voice but I keep hearing good things!!