May 8, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
So What Wednesday

  • I swore I wouldn't gain the same 40 lbs this pregnancy that I gained with Kendall but it's looking like I'm headed that way.  But...I'm still exercising 3ish days a week so that's better, right?
  • Kendall pretty much lives in nightgowns unless we leave the house.  She's now asking to change into them for naps {if she has clothes on}.
  • I suck at time management.  My life hasn't completely fallen apart so it must not be that bad.
  • I had all of this weeks posts written by Monday.
  • I watch reruns of Friends whenever there isn't anything on TV.  Which is a lot now that we don't have cable.
  • I'm never ready for nap to be over.  I swear I need another 2 hours every day, just two, is that too much to ask for?
  • I hate living in the country in the spring, aka tick season.  GROSS.
  • Real Housewives of Orange County is my favorite cast but I have still yet to see any of this season.  
  • I am addicted to gummy bears and ginger ale right now.


  1. My daughter is in nightgowns all the time. If we go out, she has to change into a nightgown as soon as we get back in the house. Now she wants to wear nightgown to play in the backyard too. I call her my little OCD.

  2. Ticks are so terrible around here in the summer. When we go to my in-laws we have to do really hardcore tick checks before we go in the house or get in the car.....they are so gross!

  3. Gotta love country living. What I hate worse than than tick season, is in the fall when all the mice start showing up. This season of RHOC is great. I hope you get to watch it soon!!

  4. Nap time is my favorite time of day. I don't know what I'll do when Avery stops!


  5. Oh come on girl! You can't be that bad at time wrote all your week's posts by MONDAY! That's impressive! ;)


  6. I could have copied so many of these!! OC Housewives is my 2nd fav but it is kind of boring this season. Seems like it is nothing new. I love that Kendall asks to wear nightgowns at nap time. She is so girly, I love it!

  7. RHOOC is my faaaav! Its my home town! I can't believe you haven't seen any yet! Good for you for going without cable. Im not sure I could do it. First world problems!

  8. Oh my, the Gummie Bears thing.. My friend was craving them yesterday and he posted something about it on FB. There was someone that side to dip them in chocolate. They said that dark chocolate and gummy bears are the best.

    And spring country living is UGH!!! We have found ticks on 3 of our cats and one dog. They give me the willies.

  9. That is AWESOME that you are still working out or making a point to be active this pregnancy! I gained the same with both of my girls (way more than 40 pounds, I will tell you that), and I tried being (more) active with my second... And while I did still gain the same amount of weight, I was in better shape the second go round, and my recovery was MUCH easier. Keep it up!

  10. i LOVE friends!! my fav episode is when they had the bet over the apartment and the girls lost :D

  11. hahahaha kendall wanting to change into nighties for naps. that girl cracks me up.
    i want some gingerale. can you believe ive never tried that? it always sounds good when someone mentions it though.

  12. Wyatt never wants to change out of jammies! I usually don't care but it's such a pain when we need to go somewhere.