June 5, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
So What Wednesday

  • My child has inherited my OCD/neat freak disorder.  I kinda love it when she cleans up.
  • I made a to-do list for inside the house and outside.  And it all must get done before Baby Brother arrives.
  • I just figured out how to use our 'clean' feature on our oven.  After 3 years of living here.
  • I like hanging out in Baby Brother's room more than any other room in the house.  Probably because it's the cleanest.
  • The only thing I'm comfortable in is a maxi dress.
  • I have no idea what to get Jimmy or my dad for Father's Day.
  • I'm thinking of cutting SWW down to a monthly thing.  Thoughts?
  • I eat a lunch meat sandwich for lunch almost every day.  Almost.
  • I own 4 pair of the same exact sandals.
  • We are having KP's birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese this year.  She's going to love it.
  • I'm getting a maternity massage AND pedicure this weekend and I think it's the highlight of my whole summer.
  • I pretty much hate all of my maternity clothes that I wore when I was pregnant with Kendall.
  • I gave my child a piece of candy at 10 am because she didn't argue with me to get dressed.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with the fact that Jimmy doesn't want KP to wear a bikini now.


  1. I find it funny that I feel the same way about my daughter and then I found a cute bathing suit and my husband said UM - isnt that showing too much skin. As opposed to the naked baby running around behind the house the night before - LOL!

  2. The last time I used the "clean" feature my oven caught fire! It was an old stove though, but I haven't tried it again, in years. AND no one told me that you are supposed to take the racks out first. Whoops!
    As for SWW I love it as a weekly thing! You could always do a couple guest posts if you are looking for a break, I remember TONS of people wanted in on that when you did it before.

  3. I'm pretty sure my oven has that feature but I've never used it and we've been her 7 year. LOL I love SWW but you need to do what is good for you so if you need to cut it back go for it we can all survive. :)

  4. I wish you lived closer to me---I have bags of maternity clothes and I would love for someone to use them. I keep holding onto them in case I have another kid.

    I remember just hanging out in our nursery when we finished it for the same reason, it was clean and I found it delightful.

    I'm trying to think of "rewards" for my 19 month old kid right now. I like your candy idea, but he's probably too young to understand that. And the boy gets stickers all the time, so I can't use those.

    I was thinking about SWW this morning as I was getting dressed for work, wondering how you stay motivated to host such a well-loved link-up and then you get on here and type that! I'm with Jenny (previous commenter), you need to do what's best for you...we'll chug along happily! :)


  5. We got our dads new bathing suits from Patagonia for Father's Day! My hubs idea and I loved it! I agree with above commenters, SWW should be whatever works best for you. Maybe try every other week? Happy Wednesday!

  6. Did you clean your oven? I was amazing at how smokey it was! I am surprised out neighbors didn't call the fire department!

  7. OMG - I feel the same way about my maternity clothes from last time ... I've tried to wear them again, but that just turns into a "I hate my outfit" kind of day!

  8. NO I LIKE SO WHAT! WEDNESDAY. I like saying So What! to things!

    I understand the sandal thing. I mean, at least you're not wearing the same pair each day and getting them all dirty.

  9. SWW seems to be most of the blog posts I make! I'd definitely have to find ways to keep up my blogging...
    Love sandwiches...too much. Staple of my diet.
    My son is def getting my OCD. Makes me sorta crazy when other kids are around who don't have it and make messes!

  10. My kid has my cleanliness OCD too. It's a good thing.. but when kids come over to play he freaks because his rooms gets messy. I have made a list for hubby to get done before baby comes, he just laughed at it, so I resorted to bossing him around. I thinks it's ok to only want to wear maxi dresses. They aren't tight on your belly like these silly dress pants I am wearing. I think there is a fine like when it comes to little girls wearing bikinis. The triangle top bikini's are just wrong. I think they are wrong on most women let along little girls.

    ps. Don't get rid of SWW... this is my Wednesday blog. BUT if you have to cut it back maybe do it everyother week.

  11. hahaha the first (and only) time I've used the clean feature on the oven, the smoke alarms kept going off. I'd rather have a dirty oven! I also love baby girls in bikinis but agree that once they hit a certain age, it can get a little iffy. So sweet that your husband is already protecting his baby girl's bod!

  12. IDK I like my weekly link up! I feel the same way about my old maternity clothes. I kept them all but I hardly wear them. I think it's because I'm smaller this time so they all look so big. My husband has been really protective about the whole baby bikini thing too. I'm not sure how I feel about it but I found her a cute one piece for this summer so crisis averted for now! At least they are protective.

  13. SWW is my midweek pick me up! If you must cut down, do at least 2 per month. You make me laugh. I need a good laugh. :)

  14. The only reason I still like a two piece for my daughter is because she still wears a swim diaper....so much easier to change then having to take an entire bathing suit off! Why can't more companies make one pieces with snaps on the bottom???

  15. i am dying for a turkey sammich! & im pretty sure im only comfortable when naked. holy cow third tri is no joke!

  16. I LOVE SWW every week girl! I would be really sad to see it go! By all means though if you need a break.. I can't say I won't still do it anyways haha :) This is my fav. link up by far!

  17. I purchased an embarrassing amount of maternity clothes this time around, despite begin pregnant during the exact same time. I just couldn't bring myself to wear most of the clothes from B Jr's pregnancy again. Mama needed new clothes! I just now have to stop myself from buying anymore clothes...I can no longer justify it with only 3 months left haha