July 3, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
So What Wednesday

  • My baby sprinkle gift cards were burning a hole in my pocket and half of them are already spent.
  • I'm excited for vacation, I love the beach, but I think I'm most excited about disconnecting for a solid week.
  • I've accepted the fact that this house will never be as clean for Baby Brother's arrival as it was for Kendall's.
  • I kinda feel like the whole Google Reader thing was blown way out of proportion.
  • I've already got my favorites on Big Brother and one of them may or may not be Elissa.
  • I still don't get why some bloggers are "popular".
  • My family and I have a running group FB message and it's making me even more excited to spend a week with these crazy people. 
  • I bought two new hospital outfits for myself and I'm just packing them straight into my bag.  I can't wait to have brand new, never worn clothes this time around.  I'm hoping it'll help make me feel normal/less disgusting.
  • I decided at the last minute that I needed a fresh cut & color before we leave on Friday.  Thankfully I have a wonderful stylist and she got me in bright and early yesterday!
  • I'm not going to have guest posts while I'm away.
  • I suck at laundry.  I'm pretty good at all other household chores, I think.


  1. Good for you for disconnecting. That is so important in this day and age where we are so connected to our "tracking devices" aka Cell phones.

  2. I can not WAIT to see what that little man looks like! I can't believe it's next month!

    Love the cut and color! There's just something about having fresh new hair that makes you feel good!

    Have fun on vacation!

  3. I agree, brand new clothes, new hair style, new little man! It's the little details that make it all so much easier.

    I am so excited for you! :)

  4. What kind of outfits did you buy for the hospital? I had an emergency c-section with my daughter and I stayed in a hospital gown the whole time and felt disgusting! I'm trying to decide what I should buy/bring to wear this time.

  5. I want to be super pregnant and be having a baby soon! I'm so jealous!!!! When do we get sprinkle pictures?? And I think we all wonder that about some bloggers! LOL!

  6. Yeah...I don't get the popular shiz either....
    I'm not so great with any household chores....
    HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!

  7. What kind of hospital gear did you find?

    Ugh, the house is never clean when a kid is in it! Don't even try! :)

  8. I do not like Elissa at all! LOL. I love that show though!!!

  9. I like Elissa!! Something about her and rachel, they are beautiful and then just weird looking at the same time and their voice - I can't take my eyes off her!

  10. oh laundry. i keep on forgetting mine in the washer. then i have to do it again. what's wrong with me? Also my youngest apparently pooped in his diaper and slid down the loft slide. YAY

  11. Okay so I'm lost on the whole Google Reader thing. I have access to it still and can read all my favorite blogs and still post from it. Am I missing something??

    And laundry is my favorite chore. I love knowing everything is cleaned, folded and put away. I'm pretty much a freak of nature.

    Happy Beach Vacation! :)

  12. Have a great vacation! I hope the ride there is smooth and easy!

  13. I took a VERY long hiatus from my blog and just got back into blogging. I am SO excited to see that you are still doing SWW!!

    Oh and I totally have my favorites on BB too. I really like Elissa! I'm really hoping she can get through this week and get the huge target off her back. A few other girls in the house are just evil.. *cough* AARYN *cough*. She needs to GO!

  14. I hope you have/are having a great trip!!!
    I agree about the google reader issue being blown out of proportion! I never used google reader-just read the blogs I follow directly from my blog!

  15. Hi Shannon! I just discovered you and notice some things we have in common...
    1. Obvi my name is Shannon.
    2. Just had my second baby. I have 2 under 2 now.
    3 I too thought people were wigging out for no reason over the google reader.
    4. By the looks of your blog, you must love coral as much as I do.

    Take care!
    Shannon @ www.smileandwrite1.blogspot.com

    1. Omg don't mean to stalk you but I too had a bag piper at my wedding!