August 7, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

As much as we all love to hear from Shannon, otherwise, why would you been here at her blog, we much allow for some mommy-baby-napping-cleaning-reality TV-catch-up time.  This does not mean that the So What Wednesday party needs to stop!

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Liz and I write over at According to L.  I am a mommy-blogger with a sharp-wit and a killer dip recipe for any occasion.  I'd love for you to stop over and say "hello!"  The door's always open in the house of help-yourself!

Now that we're new best friends, let's get on with the show!

So What Wednesday

This week, I'll say SO WHAT:
  • The hubs and I are hitting the produce section pretty hard these days and trying to eat more than cheese and chicken.  Luckily my kids LOVE fruits and vegetables, so this is really a win win.
  • I made green beans for dinner.  They were topped with bacon.  I couldn't help it!
  • I've also been hitting the yoga mat hard and remember why I love it so much.  I get a good, sweaty workout and I'm not running (which I hate!)
  • That being said, I only go to our gym for classes because of the free childcare.  I'd love to try another studio, but I don't think the girls would stay quiet for the 60-minute class!
  • Yes.  I hate running.  I try.  I know it's good cardio.  I know there are other cardio options, but I really don't find the same "high" that others do. 
  • I let the girls play in the backyard while I'm inside making lunch/dinner/watching TV with the windows open.  We have a fence and I call out for a "body count" about every 7 minutes.  They've been fine so far!
  • I wore a skirt to work.  The "so what" comes in because I hadn't shaved my legs in about 2 weeks.  #happytobeblonde
  • I want Nate to get a better job so we can afford to charter the Honor yacht like on Below Deck.
Thanks for hearing me out.  Stop over and tell me what you're saying SO WHAT to this week!

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  1. HA HA! You sound just like me! I wore a skirt to work today too, and not only is it wrinkled (I have two kids under 2 and NO TIME) but I think I last changed my razor blade in March??? So... yeah.

  2. Confession: I only read the so what parts & was like um when did Shannon get two girls? Did I miss something so then at the very end of course I went to the top & read & ha guess what you was not Shannon lol.. Good laugh for the day :)

  3. I scan relate to not shaving those