November 15, 2013

Newly Mommy

Do you remember when your baby/babies were first born?  How rough the late-night feedings were?  The bags under your eyes?  The feeling of complete and total joy?  The sweet baby snuggles?   The crying, oh the crying.  From the baby too.  I remember those days very vividly as I'm still experiencing some of those "struggles" now.    How great would it have been, or would it be, to have a care package delivered, right at the very new mom moment you need it?  That's where Newly Mommy comes in.
Newly Mommy is a subscription box of full of goodies to help you feel revived, empowered and, most of all, loved during those tiring but oh so wonderful first days at home. 

Each new mom survival kit comes with 5-7 luxury items just for the new mom in your life, or yourself.  Think dry shampoo, memory journal, eye mask pillow and more!  Each kit is at least a $50 value but will only cost you $32 {+ S&H}.  

I don't know about all of you but this sounds like the perfect gift, even if it's to yourself.  I have seen a lot of subscription boxes, and tried a few, and I think this one makes the most sense of them all.  The first few days, weeks, months of being a new mommy are so confusing, tiring, exhilarating, exhausting, exciting, it's such a roller coaster.  Most people are ready to bring gifts upon gifts for the new baby but very few think to bring the new mommy something.  Well that changes now, thanks to Newly Mommy.

Sign up today!  Also follow them on Pinterest to get some other great new mom resources as well. 

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