November 13, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
Life After I Dew

  • I've been taking my shower at night, right when it's time for Jimmy to put Kendall to bed.
  • I'm a little obsessed with our family pics, my favorite ones yet.  More to come.
  • I'm super excited to be trying the Citrus Lane {use code TAKEHALF for half off your first box!} and Bluum boxes this month!  James Weston is spoiled.
  • I say I'm going to go to bed early every night but I don't actually make it to bed till, at the earliest, 10.
  • Kendall stayed the night with my parents on Saturday but I wasn't quite ready for James to.
  • I thought I'd enjoy the snow more once I had kids, I don't.
  • I eat the same thing for breakfast every day.
  • I think it's adorable that both of my kids are blankie babies.
  • It's still weird to say kidS.
  • Today I'm going to cozy up on the couch during naptime and watch a movie.  
  • Kendall made me cry today when she said, "I want to grow up and be a teacher, just like you!".
  • I'm obsessed with my Old Navy barn vest.  I didn't think it was "me" when I bought it, turns out I wear it more than anything in my closet.
  • I'm contemplating starting a book club as my "hobby".
  • I think I'm ready for a husband-wife ONLY vacation.


  1. Not ready for the baby to stay overnight with grandparents, yet still ready for an adults-only vacation? Girl we are the same person! I cannot WAIT until I can go on vacation with my husband and no kids, but I still can't handle the thought of actually leaving the baby just yet.

  2. I feel like the more I say I'm going to be early, the later I go. I wanted to go to bed early the other night and it was MIDNIGHT before we went to bed. I was wondering who we thought we were going to bed that late on a work night! And I don't blame you for your strategic showers. You do nap time, Dad can do bedtime!

  3. I am definitely in need of an adult only vacation!

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  5. Coming from someone who didn't go to bed till 2am last night, 10pm is early!!!!!

  6. I was up until midnight last night and I'm so tired. I can't imagine going to bed at 10 and I used to do it all the time when I was working.

  7. Awww, I'm linking up for the first time today and I must say that I love your blog and I totally think that you & the hubs should get a personal vacay. If I was there, I would offer to babysit for you (and I have references). I'm loving your blog!

  8. I totally am on the same page with you when it comes to not letting the baby stay over night anywhere yet. Lydia is 4.5 months and I can't bare to be away from her, yet Lucy is 2.5 years old and she's been staying the night with Mamaw since she was 1. Maybe once Lyds is 1 I could handle it.

    And the snow thing, I agree too!! I am not a fan of the snow and cold weather. Good thing Daddy is because Mama is going to stay inside and keep warm!

    Happy Wednesday!
    -Sami @

  9. I am sooo happy my daughter hates the cold and snow as much as I do. I totally thought I would enjoy being out in it when she got old enough to play in it. I dont. and she doesnt either. Thank you Jesus! hopefully this bebe doesnt either ;)
    ps - is the outfit James wore in your family pics from Old Navy? bc I saw it on there when I was browsing their website the other night and if this bebe is a boy, I have to get my hands on it! soo freaking cute!

  10. I love eating the same thing for breakfast! Whenever I switch it up, I always spend the day craving my usual.

  11. I still feel weird saying kidS too. It's like some special passage to crazy parent land.

  12. I'm lucky if I can stay awake till 9pm these days. I blame the time change and being 7 months pregnant!

  13. I'm still finding it very strange to say kids as well. I'm so ready for an adult vacation but I'm not ready to leave my little guy yet either. I can't wait for our family photos in December!

  14. I love your family pics so much! I look at them and I just think, I'm so glad they decided to have another baby!

  15. I totally want to be in a book club! Do an online one!!! AND blankie babies are the best--both of my kids are as well! --Becky

  16. I started a book club! It quickly because a wine and girl talk club and then when I got pregnant and had 22 weeks of feeling like balls it got off track and never came back:-( So sad! I love to read though - if you start a book club post your book so I can get ideas:-)