December 26, 2013

Smile While You Shake It

This weekend I had the pleasure of hosting my first, live, in home blog event.  I had some of my favorite bloggers and my good ole IRL{in real life} friends come over for a Smile While You Shake It Party.

I was a little bit nervous to host such an event in my home.  Not only was this a big deal but also my two worlds, real-life and blogging, would be colliding for the first time!  Finally my IRL friends would see that my blogging friends weren't crazy, Internet stalkers and were actually all really cool girls.

I emailed all the girls beforehand letting them know we'd be filming some videos and get ready to Smile While You Shake It and I thought it was going to be really hard to get them to show their moves but everyone was more than willing to show us what they've got.  Even the guys got involved. Maybe it was because they wanted to win some of the swag, or even the grand prize, $500 gift card.
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  1. Because nothing says, "Merry Christmas!" like having a party only because you're getting paid to do so.

    Seriously. Get a job. If you need money that freaking badly, get job.

  2. Wow...the comment above. I have no words. ANYWAY...I went and found all our videos and laughed my tail off. The party we were going to be at ANYWAY was fun :) Thanks for hostin lady.

  3. Wow, Angela...what a douche thing to say...geez....Shannon, looks like you guys had a blast!!! Wish I lived closer and I would have been there...... :-)

  4. I have no words for that above comment... Wow!! I saw you post about it on ig and it looked so fun!!! Silly parties like this are the best!!