January 23, 2014

Currently I'm Loving...

You guys know I love to share good products, finds, recipes, clothes, etc when I find them.  The reason I do this is because I know that I've discovered so many great things from other blogs and I hope that you find something that you love when I post my loves.

AVEDA Blue Malva Color Shampoo
This stuff is a blonde girls dream come true.  I know I'm not blonde blonde but I'm more blonde than I am brunette {or so I like to think} and this stuff helps me go months between highlights.  It takes away the brassiness that we blondes sometimes get.  I feel like it also lightens my roots making them far less noticeable which is why I can go nearly 6 months between highlights.  It also smells great and, like all AVEDA products, is plant based.  I use the conditioner too, according to my stylist the conditioner is what really sets it in.  It's a bit pricey but it lasts a while, like almost a year for me.

Brady Bands
A while back I had been seeing lots and lots of blog friends sporting these super cute headbands while they were working out.  I asked around, trying to find out about these miracle headbands and everyone kept recommending Brady Bands. I ordered myself four of them and impatiently waited for them to arrive.  When they came I loved all the adorable fabrics that they come in but were they truly "non-slip"?  I can tell you 100%, YES!  I have wore these to hot yoga, boxing, heck I have even slept in them and they do not budge, not even an inch.  These are legit and 10% of each purchase goes toward finding a cure for childhood cancer.  Go getcha some now!

White Collar
Jimmy and I have such a hard time finding movies and shows that we can agree on.  I've talked about my hatred for movie night more times than I care to count.  We started watching White Collar on Netflix a couple weeks ago and we love it.  It's the perfect combination of action {for him} and Hottie McHot Pants {Matt Boomer} for me.  We're only on season two and so far we are highly entertained.  I'm surprised I haven't heard more people talk about this show before. I know Matt Boomer was a candidate for Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades movie and I'm a little bummed that he wasn't chosen because, in my book, he'd be perfect for the role.

LARABAR Uber, Roasted Nut Roll
I am always looking for great, low calorie, clean breakfast and snack items. I get sick of just eggs or Greek yogurt or a smoothie and a lot of times I don't have time to make/cook myself something.  I am a typical American and saw these advertised on last weeks episode of Biggest Loser {and I had a coupon} so I decided to try these.  They are DELICIOUS.  They're gluten-free, vegan, only contain 9 REAL ingredients and are just 220 calories.  I've had the macaroon flavor too but the roasted nut roll is my favorite, so far.  I can't wait to try more.

Haba Toys
We got this, our first Haba toy, in our Citrus Lane box back in November.  I had never heard of Haba before but I liked the look of it and it fit perfectly in James's chubby little hands.  I looked up Haba and loved all their stuff and since have bought more teethers and rattles.  Jimmy loves them because they are all made of wood and they use water based stains to color them and are non-toxic.  We have the Toot-Toot Clutching Toy and the Haba Squeak-Squeak Clutching Toy and James loves them all.  I can't believe I didn't know about this brand of toys sooner, we'll definitely be buying more.

10 Minutes to Tone: Arm Workout 
So my arms have always been my problem area.  I hate them, always have, since 6th grade. They're cubby, don't fit in the sleeves of a lot of tops, look gross in cap sleeves, and are just plain annoying to me.  I found this 10 minute workout on Pinterest the other day and thought I'd give it a whirl.  I mean, even I can squeeze in a 10 minute workout.  So I did it and WOW!  My arms were on fire about halfway through but I was still able to finish it!  I loved that it was quick, the "teachers" aren't annoying, and she has trained Victoria's Secret models sooo....it has to work, right?  I used 8lb and 3lb weights, because that's what I have, they use 5lbs and 3lbs, so I like to think I kicked a little more ass then they did ;-).  A girl can dream.


  1. I love White Collar. I've been watching since the beginning and I agree its something both hubby and I can watch. Matt would have been a perfect Christian. While I like Jamie and I think he'll make an ok Christian I still just don't see it in the pictures from the set I've seen. I think it will all work out but still just not there for me. Matt's eyes get me everytime.

  2. Oh looooooove white collar! Great dynamic between the two main characters! That's a fav for me and my hubby! Same thing though we tried it on Netflix and haven't heard much about it other wise!!!!

  3. I use LE Bandz (on etsy) and also Active Bands (when they come on groopdealz) and they're all made the same way--and they TRULY do not budge. I work my butt off at the gym in various classes, and NEVER do they move. So glad people have finally come up with something that works. Go figure it's like a little felt/velour backing that does the trick? And another IRL friend of mine told me we'd like white collar...I just don't know......but hearing you say it. Hmmm. (gotta finish breaking bad first ;) )

  4. blue malva is one of aveda's best products, in my opinion! it really is wonder-working! we also got into white collar a bit awhile back and I was so sad when my hubby told me Matt bomer is gay in real life!!!!

  5. LOVE White Collar too!!! I found it on Netflix when I was on maternity leave and Im totally hooked!!! I have also tried that arm workout too!!

  6. we LOVE white collar! mozy makes me laugh.
    sign me up for that arm work out!

  7. I may have to try that Aveda shampoo. I am definitely naturally a dirty blonde and am too cheap to get my hair highlighted as often as I should so if this helps my highlights stay longer I am definitely all for it! And we LOVE White Collar in this house. The hubby got me addicted to it last year and I seriously didn't realize what I was missing out on!

  8. I need to do that arm workout!!! You go girl!