July 21, 2014

Right Now I'm...

Listening to:  Sam Hunt.  I think he's classified as "country" but I don't know.  I mean sure there's that banjo-y part to his music but its kinda like hip-hop-ish too.  I don't know how to describe him but me loves him.  I can only find like 5 songs on Spotify so I play them on repeat.  I need to see if he's on tour because I need to see him live.

Reading:  I just finished My Husbands Secret per everyone in the worlds recommendation.  I have to say, you let me down internets.  Although I'm fairly certain I am the only person who wasn't mesmerized by this book.  I just hated how the chapters skipped around between different character sets, it was like I had to relearn everyone's story with every new chapter.  I also thought there was a lot that was fluff and could have been left out.  And, without ruining anything, I wasn't that surprised by any of it.  Next recommendation?

Watching:  Candidly Nicole.  I love me some Nicole Richie.  Now back in the Simple Life days she was a bit annoying and I kinda cringed through every episode.  But now I think she's just hilarious and I'm happy to have a new guilty pleasure in my life.  I'm not digging the blue/purple hair though.  Thank you Instagram "discover" button for letting me know to check out VH1 because I couldn't tell you the last time I tuned into that channel.  And then I saw the previews for Leann & Eddie...should I be watching that too?

Planning:  Kendall and James's 4th and 1st birthday party.  For those that don't know, their birthdays are only two days apart so combined parties 4-eva.  I admit it was one of the first things I thought about when we found out I was pregnant with James, we tried to avoid another August birthday.  But now that I'm doing it I'm kinda loving that I'll only have to do this once a year.  One and done.  Luckily Kendall picked the theme this year, Paw Patrol, and it is gender neutral so it works.  I'm sure future years will not be so easy.

Shopping for:  Dare I say I'm looking at fall clothes already?  I know, I KNOW.  It's ridiculous, it really is.  Summer is my favorite.  I love all things about it but mostly the clothes.  Summer clothes are cuter and cheaper and well summer rules. But, hear me out, last fall/winter I was fat.  I didn't get to wear the boots tucked into skinny jeans.  I was afraid to try the combat boot trend- something about being 50ish lbs lighter gives me confidence to wear things I wouldn't otherwise.  So this year I'm excited to be in a different place so I'm buying a few new pieces to celebrate.

Realizing:  I am so lucky to have the friends that I do. This weekend we spent a lot of time with our friends and both Friday and Saturday I was reminded how thankful I am to be surrounded by these people.  My "neighbor" has such a good heart, she loves her kids with every fiber of her being, she is a kick ass wife to her husband and always makes me aspire to be a little more giving of myself.  My other friend and I have been friends since we were five-years-old.  We've seen each other at our best times and our worst and no matter what we love each other.  She is the closest thing that I will ever have to a sister and I love her.  How many people can say that they are still BFFs with the same person as when they were five?

Writing:  I'm trying to get back into blogging on the regular.  I miss writing daily but that's not going to happen anytime soon, sadly.  I am trying to make it more of a priority, for me, because it makes me happy and I hope it makes you happy too.  This week I've got a post about how a $5 bouquet of flowers is making me the happiest girl on the block and also a monster cookie recipe.  Yay for blogging!

Wishing that:  The weekends never had to end.  Jimmy has been so busy with work that I have really started to cherish our weekend time together, so much.  Everything is so much easier with another parent to tackle two kids.  Family outings are more fun when he can be a part of it.  And staying up a little later talking about the future is even more sweet on the weekends.  I hate to see them end, every week.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  Here's to making Monday a little less Monday-ish.


  1. Shannon, I started the T25 last night, while it about killed me.. I loved it! I totally thought of you while working out. :) Thanks for inspiring me to give it a try!

  2. I LOVE sam hunt! He's not too bad on the eyes either

  3. Oh I love Liane Moriarty. I haven't come across a book of hers I don't love. Predictable, of course but very few books aren't. My fav of hers is What Alice Forgot.

  4. Try LAURA Moriarty. Her books are awesome! I do have to agree with The above comment though, I like Lianne Moriarty's books too. What is it with that last name???