July 9, 2014

SO WHAT! Wednesday

Life After I DewThis week I'm saying SO WHAT if...

I get a little emotional when I see all the SWW posts still popping up in my reader each week.

It's been, what, three months since my last SWW post and, honestly, I'm not sure where SWW is headed.  I think I kind of like the idea of doing it whenever I want, no pressure.  Isn't that what blogging is all about anyway?  So I might pop in here and there and throw a SWW post together but I'm not sure it'll ever be a weekly thing, for me, again.

But yet you girls {and maybe guys?} are still so-whating every week without me. I love it and it makes me smile each time I see my little button pop up when I'm scrolling through my Facebook feed.  You are committed even when I'm not.  You still show the love for this link up and whenever I read a post {yes I still read them}I can't help but feel a little bit of pride.

I feel dorky even admitting this but I always wondered what would happen if I stopped this link up.  Would the world end?  Would someone takeover? Would someone else come up with a So What Tuesday and "steal" my idea and readers?  Well I'm happy to report that none of that has happened and whew, what a relief.

So thank you for carrying on the spirit of So What Wednesday even when I've been a crappy link up host!  That's what this blogging is all about, supporting each other and connecting with others out there in this big world wide web.  You keep this link up alive even when I can't and that means the world to me.  Thank you, again, you're the best!



  1. I was struggling with what to write about today, when I saw your post pop up! Glad to see you hosting this day...was perfect!

  2. I follow a few blogs who participate in SWW and I find their posts very interesting to read. It's a great writing prompt for sure!

  3. so happy to see this post today!:) one of my favorites!