September 10, 2014

My Sweet Summer Is Gone

As I sit here and type this post I'm greeted by the cool autumn breeze blowing through my kitchen window, which has been closed for far too long due to the summers heat.  I'm wearing fleece pants, a hoodie, and "at home" socks-you know the super-thick, cozy ones with the grippy things on the bottom?

I'm equally happy and sad about this.

I love summer.  The hotter the better.  I love the sunshine, going to the pool, eating ice cream for dinner, the beach, wearing shorts, going to the park, the easiness of life that takes place for three months out of the year.  Yes, summer is my favorite season. 

But, I also love fall.  Who doesn't?  If I needed further proof that fall is everyone's favorite, I can just look at Instagram.  It's already full of Pumpkin Spice Lattes {bleh}, fall candles {guilty as charged}, and people digging out there riding boots.  I get it, it's exciting to open the windows, snuggle up in a hoodie, and smell all the things pumpkin.  But it also means that winter, dreaded white-death, is upon us and after the winter that nearly killed the moms I am not looking forward to what's next.  

Kendall starts PreK-4 today.  Or preschool as I like to call it.  While I'm looking forward to this for her, the schedule, learning, being around other kids her age, not having to limit her activities because of a certain one-year-old, I am going to miss the laziness of our summer days.  Yesterday we were casually swimming, soaking up our last pool day of the year, and today we will be on a time crunch to get breakfast in our tummies, hair brushed, bodies dressed and out the door on time. 

Friday was our last week day of summer and I really had nothing planned.  I had things that I wanted/needed to do but for the most part was unscheduled.  We had preschool open house from 9-10 and that went just as I figured.  Kendall was shy the first 55 minutes and then opened up and became more herself for the last five.  It's fine, she'll be fine today {that's what I keep telling myself}.  

We had been invited to an Eric Carle event at our local Gymboree* the same day and, being as her preschool theme is also Eric Carle this year, I wanted to go.  I love Eric Carle books, Kendall's favorite is The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and I knew it'd be fun for her.  She had a blast!  It was a simple event but perfectly age appropriate and I even got to do some shopping for our fall family pictures while she painted a caterpillar and listened to story time.

We threw money in the fountains, made wishes, shopped a little more, ran through the splash pad and topped our morning with a little bit of ice cream for lunch.  Nothing was scheduled, I wasn't worried about naps or being anywhere on time.  We just went with the flow and it was exactly as the last day of summer should be, carefree and easy.  It's amazing, when I let go my kids are happier and we have such a better day.  I need to remember this when we are stuck in the house this winter.

Now our days are going to be scheduled.  Teeth will need to be brushed by 8 o'clock.  There will be no more staying up a little late catching fireflies.  No more ice cream for dinner.  While part of me likes the idea of a routine the other, bigger part of me is sad to see the easy breezy summer days go away. 

Maybe I can convince Jimmy to move to California...

“This is a sponsored blog post. I received compensation from Gymboree. The opinions and text are all mine.”


  1. Not California, Florida! It's hot as heck here still, actually we were still in shorts and going to the beach at Christmas time last year!

  2. Fall is my favorite season! But I do like summers, because as a teacher, I have the summer off to relax. Although this summer was very busy (moving, husband graduating and trying to find a job, family visits, giving birth)--not very relaxing. Can't wait till next summer!

  3. I will miss summer too but I also like the feeling of looking forward to summer and those excitements of the first warm days. Sometimes I wonder, without winters, would we love summer this much? Love the new layout girl!

  4. Where have I been? You got a new look, I love it. I am with you on the love for summer and fall. I am sad to see this summer over. I feel it went way to fast.

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