September 17, 2014

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...

I am not that emotional mom who cries on her child's first day of preschool.

For the past few weeks my IG and Facebook feeds have been full of back to school/first day of school pictures. I LOVE seeing these, seriously.  I love side by sides of the previous year vs this year and how these babies have grown.  Most of the people I follow on social media are people I have followed via blogging from years back. A lot of them had babies at the same time that I had Kendall and so it's like watching our babies grow up together.  It's cool, really.

Normally when I see said pictures pop up on my feed they're accompanied by, "cue the waterworks" type captions.  A lot of parents cried on the first day, or so they said.  Even at our own drop off there were lots of lingering parents, hanging out in the annex down the hall "just in case", with camera in tow.  

And I thought, "maybe there's something wrong with me?".  

I was not that mom.  I hugged and kissed my girl at the classroom door, told her to have a good day, and off she went with a huge smile on her face.  James and I did not hang around to have coffee while we made sure Sister was going to be OK.  I took her picture before we left the house, obviously, but there were no send off pictures.  There were definitely no tears {from either of us}.

Call me crazy but I was excited for the first day of school.  

You're probably thinking I'm selfish, that I was happy because I "got rid" of one of my kids for 2.5 hrs/3 days a week, but that is not the case.  Last year?  In the throes of The Terrible Threes with an epic "threenager"?  That would have absolutely been my reason. But not this year.

I was excited because Kendall was excited.  She loves school and her teacher {she has the same teacher as last year}.  She likes seeing her friends again.  She couldn't wait to play on the playground at school and have a snack, four-year-old priorities.  I'm happy that she likes school {for now} and, so, if she's excited, I'm excited.

Also, I was looking forward to her doing some things that we haven't really been doing much at home lately, like painting, cutting, Play-Doh, kinetic sand- basically anything messy.  James is still putting EVERYTHING in his mouth.  He's walking now so he gets into whatever he wants.  If there is a piece of confetti on the ground, he will find it and eat it, guaranteed.  So a lot of that has been put on hold because, OMG it freaks me out.  Instead we do less messy, more quiet things like puzzles, reading, and board games.  So to know that at least three days a week she's getting to let her creativity flow, makes me happy.

So, no, I was not sad on the first day of preschool and I realized there is nothing "wrong" with me for that.  When my child is happy, I am happy.  Now, come first day of kindergarten I might be singing a different tune...


  1. Oh girl, I was THAT mom too - and I'm proud to be that mom! Just like you!
    I also noticed that a lot of those kids also cried on the first day but not our little SJ - she kissed and hugged and waved us goodbye, and off she went... Her first day of fun for the year!
    Well done momma x

  2. That was me too! Abby started Joy School with her neighborhood friends a few weeks ago, 1 day for 2 hours. As I walked her to the first house on the first day, I noticed other moms going in and asked her if she wanted me to go in for a minute, and I just got a "No, I good. Bye mom, see you later." I had to give her a quick hug and an I love you, before she ran in to play! Made me so proud!

  3. I'm the same way! It brings me great joy when Connor is excited and confident walking into his classroom. It makes me feel like he's in the right place. Plus I'm just not sentimental like that - we prefer to celebrate milestones as opposed to 'mourn' what is 'lost!'

  4. Nora was SO excited for her first day of Nursery School and just like you, we did our pictures at home first. Got to the school, walked her into the classroom and she was like "peace out Mom" and ran off to play with her friends. Snacks are a definite priority - Nora was super concerned about where to put her lunch box on the first day lol. Glad that school is going well for Kendall :)

  5. Does James have sparkly poop?!

    Love that she loves school!

    And btw- that new pic of you and husband is the best pic ever!

  6. You are not alone! My son is starting preschool in January (he turns three in February) and I can not wait. I'm really looking forward to it! He is going to love it, and I'm going to love the break! Now I just have to get him potty trained by then....

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