October 3, 2014


Today is my five year wedding anniversary.  

This relationship is the reason I started this blog in the first place.  It was the reason I choose the title of my blog. I was a newly engaged twenty-something and I was just so excited about our upcoming wedding.  I wanted a place where I could share my wedding planning and keep my bridal party on the same page.  Over the past five years this blog has grown into something I never dreamed of but my marriage has grown even more. 

In five years we've lived in two different homes, gone through three different vehicles, had two babies, four different "jobs", gone on two husband-wife only vacations, and countless other memories.  We've had our ups and downs but no matter what we always come back to each other and remain a solid partnership.  

You know when you get married you never think about the life stuff that's going to take place down the road.  You don't think about the sleepless nights when your babies are small.  You don't worry about the possibility of your pipes freezing in the dead of winter.  You don't wonder how you'll pay next months mortgage.  But you also don't think about how much more in love you will be in the coming years.  

On my wedding day I was for certain that there was no way I could love my husband more than I did in that moment.  He was everything I loved about a man and damn he looked handsome standing at the alter.  He had a all the qualities I dreamed my husband would have.  He's artistic, he's hard-working, he plays the guitar {major swoon}, he was sensitive but still manly, he gets along with everyone, he is a provider in every sense of the word, and did I mention he's handsome?  

And then I've seen his role change from boyfriend, to fiance, to husband, to father and my oh my has my love grown stronger with each of those changes.  As a boyfriend he was fun, the life of the party. I never had that kind of fun until I met Jimmy Dew.  He was a little bit of a party boy and I had never partied a day in my life, not like that.  He taught me how to just relax and have fun and I loved that about him.  As a fiance he showed me patience.  Wedding planning is no joke and something that can make a lot of us girls go crazy over.  I know I had my share of "OMG wedding emergency" moments but throughout all of my freak outs he was calm.  He always knew that everything would work out and taught me how to just take a deep breath.  As a husband he has been the provider in all areas of our lives.  He will do whatever he has to to make sure his families needs are met.  He's the hardest working man I know and while some times it drives me crazy I know that he does it for us and I cannot argue with that.  Dad Jimmy is all encompassing.  He's fun, he reminds me to not take everything so seriously and he teaches me patience every day. 

My husband is an all around great guy and I'm lucky to be his wife.  He's my voice of reason, my biggest supporter and my best friend.  Not only am I thankful to be married to such a gem but also that my babies get to call him their dad.  

I may not know everything but I do know that I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend, lucky to have been where we have been. 


  1. Love! You can see the love in both your wedding picture and the picture on the top right of your blog... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

  2. This is beautiful! Happy Anniversary!!

  3. I have been following your blog from the start. Happy anniversary! You're wonderful!

  4. Super sweet tribute to your man! We just celebrated five years on September 21st! :)

  5. What beautiful words my friend, your love is heartwarming. Happy anniversary x

  6. Happy anniversary!!! Here's to many more :)

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