May 19, 2015

What Happens When You Take A Blogging Break

As some of you may have noticed, it's been a little quiet around these parts lately.  It seems as though blogging in general is a thing of the past for most bloggers.  Many of my favorite bloggers are either not blogging anymore or are sporadically posting, like me.  Gone are the days of making sure you have a post written the night before and it's scheduled to post right at 8 am.  And that's OK.

Over the last year I've learned a few things, about blogging but mostly about myself.  I don't need to share every last detail of my life.

Blogging was an outlet for me.  It was a place I liked to come and share things I loved and tidbits of my life and I enjoyed doing so.  I liked sharing my latest outfits of the day.  I loved when you guys laughed at my celebrity gossip posts.  I was so proud each week when more and more people linked up with my SO WHAT! Wednesday posts.

I also found a lot of new friends through blogging.  I connected with people who I wouldn't have otherwise known.  I loved scrolling through my reader each day- reading AND commenting on every post I read.  I didn't do those things to make my online presence known, I did them because I was genuinely interested in that bloggers life.

And then life gets in the way.

I've watched others get engaged, plan a wedding, get married, welcome their first, second and, in some cases, third babies!  It's been amazing following people through this journey and I hope others have enjoyed watching me do the same.

Through those years has come a lot of growth with my blog following but even more so within myself.

At one point I was comfortable sharing every detail of my life down to our form of contraception in before we started trying for James.  I don't know about you, but no one needs to know that part of my life, or anyone else's for that matter. I shared because I wanted to be real and honest.  I prided myself on that.  I wanted to be so authentic that I put myself out there in hopes of being completely transparent and relateable.

Once James was born life got a little bit messier.  My time to blog became more and more difficult to squeeze in.  Even days when I wanted to write I couldn't because something else was more important in that moment.  So I'd type little notes in my phone because I knew my mom brain wouldn't remember them otherwise.  Having James sort of forced me to take a step back and I'm glad it did.

Not having the time to blog made me realize that I was over-sharing.  That I didn't need to spew out every last detail of our lives.  I learned that just because I wasn't publishing a post every week day didn't mean I wasn't being honest.  It didn't mean people couldn't relate to me.  If anything they could relate more because they were probably experiencing the same struggles.

I also have to think about my kids when it comes to this little space of mine.  I know that one day they will be older and their friends parents might find this blog.  I want it to be something I'm proud and not something I'm embarrassed by.  My earlier posts are cringe-worthy but I will never delete them because it shows my growth over the years.

I guess it's all about balance.  That's what I keep hearing anyway.  There aren't enough hours in the day, there never will be, so we have to make the most of the hours we do have.  I miss blogging, I miss reading blogs, but I know that life happens and just because we aren't blogging as much anymore doesn't mean anything other than that.  I do want to get back to writing a little more often though.  I want to write about my kids a little more so that I can share with them when they are older.
I've never been good at prioritizing but I think this little blogging break, if you can call it that, has forced me to reevaluate my priorities. And now 1/2 of my crew is up so it's time to go do my mom stuff.



  1. I'm glad you wrote this. You've been one of my favorites from the start! But I feel like we are friends in different ways now. Better and closer now, even! Thanks for being honest, and I'll always be a reader!

  2. This is a good one. I am glad you realized on your own that, although your have a wonderful blog that was fun to read and gave your readers insight into your life, that no, you do not need to over-share and give out every single detail of your life. Some things need and frankly, should, be kept private between you and J only. There is no need to to discuss what I consider sacred ground. As far as your kids are concerned, I see growth in you Shannon. Yes, some of your posts make me cringe as well but that was the place you were in .. and that is OKAY...but you've grown up and have enjoyed watching the person/Mom/wife you are becoming!

  3. I 100% agree with this post!!! It's funny how I used to be OBSESSED with getting 5 posts in a week, and now I'm lucky if I get one (usually a bumpdate post). :) I still want to keep my blog as a journal of big moments in our life, but like you, I don't feel the need to share every single detail anymore.

  4. I am with you. I have stepped back a lot and although I miss blogging I know that I am in the right place making memories and watching my littles grow. I will be back every now and then but in between posts I am loving life and enjoying my unplugged time with my kiddos.

  5. Overshare? What is that? Lol I know...I think I've always been conscious of the fact that my family was reading my there was some stuff I just wouldn't write. Blogging has changed a lot, and I've noticed your posts have taken a different tone. Yay we're growing up! Love ya any way I can get you :)