October 14, 2015

Fall Family Photos 2015

It's my favorite time of year and no I'm not talking about Christmas {although I have ordered my Christmas cards}, I'm talking about fall family picture time!

I seriously get so excited to take them every year.  It's the only time we do family photos, taken by a real photographer and where we somewhat coordinate.  Speaking of, I have such a love/hate relationship with picking our outfits.  I mostly love it but, like this year, someone always seems to not have something.  I debated between three different sets of outfits before I finally chose this one.  At first I was a little bit nervous about the black/tan/grey combo, {is it too boring?} but now I am very happy with our "look".

James-y's outfit was the only one I was struggling with this year.  He just didn't seem to have anything that looked right with the rest of us.  Then I stumbled upon this cute little henley for $4 {Target, of course} and I think it was the perfect addition.  Not to mention, how cute is he!?

I love the color of the leaves against our outfits, it's kind of what I was hoping for.  Let the leaves be the star of the show and our outfits supporting characters.  I honestly think we picked the best weekend ever because the foliage is just amazing right now.

Oh yeah, Kendall broke her arm.  Yes, James just had a broken leg.  What can I say, the Dew kids like to live life on the edge.  She fell from the monkey bars in our back yard and she tells everyone, "But daddy was standing right there watching!  I don't know how it happened!" because it's true.  He was spotting her, she just learned how to do it on her own the week prior, and it was one of those split second moments where she dropped and he grabbed for her a second too late.  She loves her tie-dye cast and I can't blame her, it's pretty cool looking.

I had just finished telling our photographer {and close friend} how Kendall is a photographers dream come true.  She {normally} loves having her picture taken and smiles and poses on cue.  Until Saturday.  She wanted no part of taking pictures so ones with her are few and far between but the ones we did get?  Man, melt my heart.

And a few more just because I love these people.

If you are local and looking for a great photographer {with even greater prices} check out JBoone Photography on Facebook and tell him Shannon sent you ;-).  


  1. I love all these pictures. You always do such a great job at picking outfits.... they aren't so matchy matchy but yet they match. I need that knack. I hate it so much I just don't plan family pictures.

  2. Love the pics! We have ours next week. Glad to see I'm not the only one who freaks about outfits! I still have no idea!

  3. These pictures are so wonderful! Gorgeous family