December 16, 2015

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
  • I love these warm December temps we've been having.  No I don't feel like we need cold/snow to feel Christmas-y.  No I don't think because it's December it HAS to be cold.  The warmer the better!
  • Sometimes when Kendall is at school and James is napping, I literally sit for a couple minutes and just do nothing.  Feels amazing.
  • I just put our family photos from last year in frames a couple months ago.  Now we have our new pics back and I don't want to change them out yet!
  • My husband is obsessed with nice underwear so I'm really excited to gift him with these fancy pants for Christmas.  I hear about them on the radio all the time and I think he might like them even better than his Under Armour ones and THANK GOD for 20% off codes, geesh!
  • I've eaten almost all of the Christmas cookies we brought home on Sunday.  By the time this post is live I bet I will have eaten them all.
  • I really want to know if Kourtney Kardashian is really dating The Beibs.  I mean, really Kourt?  Beiber?!  Eek...
  • Speaking of the Kardashians, I refuse to follow any of them on social media but I do randomly scroll through their IG accounts every now and then.
  • I am beyond obsessed with these Green Mountain Golden French Toast K-Cups.  Get some, thank me later.  
  • I get really excited when we get Christmas cards in the mail.
  • I love getting dressed, you know in real clothes, but I also can't wait to get home and change back into my comfy clothes.
  • I love to listen to talk radio.  Nerd alert.
  • I sing the good night song from Three Men and a Baby to the kids every night.
What are you saying SO WHAT to this week?


  1. I'm liking the warm weather but I really want some snow! LOL at the underwear. My husband likes Under Amour too. I can't believe how expensive some men's stuff is!

    1. You should try these Tommy Johns then! Jimmy's go-to are normally Under Armour too so I think he'll love these! The video is hilarious!

  2. I love this list!!! I listen to talk radio too, that's all I listen to in the car and my hubby makes fun of me all the time. But it's relaxing and I actually learn some things!!! And I refuse to follow the Kardashians too, but totally check on their IG accounts once and awhile! Funny.. I wonder how many other people do that too!

  3. I don't know what your temp is but we're still at 80 here and super humid, it's gross! I wanted to wear a cute top, leggings and boots from Christmas but it's too hot. Christmas in shorts just doesn't seem right!

  4. what KOURTNEY??? is this for real????????????

  5. I am going to get that coffee... I love trying new flavors. I am digging these temps too. I took Oliver's 2 Year Pics last Saturday when it was 70... in Southern Illinois. Not normal but I finally got them done (6 months later) and he was able to wear the shorts outfits. I love getting and sending Christmas Cards. Last year was crazy so I didn't get to send any but this year I was on top of it.

  6. I'm loving these warmer temps! I've always said if Jesus didn't need cold/snow to be born, we don't need it to celebrate his birth:)