January 27, 2016

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...

  • I've been up since 3:30 am so I fully intend on taking a nap today.
  • I love how much James loves Star Wars mainly because I know how happy it makes Jimmy.
  • I'm baking bacon in the oven for the first time ever, I'm nervous about it.
  • Whenever I drive by Kendall's preschool I get a little sad.
  • I want to be Bob Harper's {Biggest Loser} best friend.  Love him.
  • I *kinda* got sad that the snow storm missed us this weekend.  Just for a second.  Like a nanosecond.  
  • I started doing IIFYM {loosely} last week...I kinda love it.
  • I never plan on taking my kids blankie/lovey away from them.  Jimmy and I still have ours and we turned out just fine.  I think.
  • I'm really proud of myself for doing this #yogacamp. I mean we're going on almost 31 consecutive days of yoga practice. It has changed me inside and out.
  • I've already started shopping for new bathing suits...
  • I'm considering renewing my Sirius/XM radio only to listen to Dr. Laura every afternoon.  #nerdalert
  • I prefer Panera's coffee to Starbucks.
  • I'm really excited to help Kendall make her very first card box for Valentine's Day.
  • I want two dishwashers in my kitchen and could use two dishwashers in my kitchen.
  • I really love watching Kendall with Bear.  She is like a little dog whisperer, so sweet.
  • I love that Jimmy and I each have a mini me.
What are you saying SO WHAT to this week?


  1. I have considered IIFYM a year ago and it has crossed my mind in that last two months but I am just scared... I don't know what about, maybe the anxiety of being overwhelmed and not knowing really how to follow it and gaining weight in the process. So i just stick with what I know.

  2. I agree with you on Panera's coffee. They have some caramel goodness and it's way better than thing I've had at Starbucks.

    I'm doing IIFYM as well. I've had moments of I'm so done with this (when planning soups, recipes that included more than 3 ingredients) but I'm hoping to get the hang of things.

  3. I'm continually in a workout rut- I cannot stick with anything-You inspire me! We just had this 2 dishwasher discussion! It would be awesome.. I think my MIL has a single unit with a top and bottom drawer which can be ran separately which would be awesome too.

  4. OMG...your kids are literally mini-me's of you and your hubs! Every time I see pictures I can't get over it. P.S. Loving your new design here, Shan!

  5. That's the only way we cook bacon now, is in the oven, and it's awesome!!!! And we just made Chloe's first Valentines Box too! She LOVED decorating it. So much cuteness!!