March 16, 2016

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...

  • I'm a little bit sad that The Bachelor is over.  I am super happy with the end, Ben and Lauren seem so happy.  Like so happy.  They couldn't stop smiling on After The Final Rose.  I know The Bachelor couples don't have a good track record but I truly hope they last, forever.  As for JoJo for the new Bachelorette? All the high-fives!  Caila was rumored to be it and I was super disappointed and think she would have made a boring Bachelorette.  I think JoJo is a perfect fit, however.
  • I love DST.  Seriously my kids have BOTH been sleeping in every day since Sunday, it's been glorious.
  • I hate buying hair ties and bobby pins because I know they're all going to go missing within a week of purchasing.
  • I can't wait for Big Brother to start.  I know it's months away but it's my favorite, favorite guilty pleasure.
  • I draw a heart in the peanut butter of Kendall's sandwich every day when she goes to school.  She doesn't know it's there but I hope she feels my love when she eats it. 
  • I love to peek in on my kids when they're sleeping.  I've done it every night since they were born and have no intention of stopping.
  • We don't normally celebrate St. Patrick's Day but this year I kind of want to.  Since we have kids and it falls on a weeknight/school night/work night I am bringing the party home with bangers, mashed potatoes and sour krout.  I think Jimmy will be pleased.
  • I suck at returning library books.
  • I'm obsessed with Aldi.  Like, obsessed. I heard our tiny town is getting one and I think that was the best news I could have heard.  I mean a Chick-fil-A would be awesome too but Aldi?  Rocks my socks.
  •  I'm shopping for a dress that needs to work for Easter, an evening May wedding and a daytime June wedding.  Anyone?
  • I hate midi length dresses. They hit me at such an awkward spot.  Not a good look for this short girl.
  • I like to eat dinner early, by at least 5 o'clock.  I don't know why but I get bent out of shape if it's much later.
  • Pizza and chocolate cookies are my weakness.  If either one of them are around I can't help myself and will eat more than a normal person should.
  • I always have to Google peak vs peek and choose vs chose.  I never know which one to use.
What are you saying SO WHAT to this week?


  1. I usually never comment on blog posts but feel I need to come to your rescue. Im a fellow shorty and just bought this dress for Easter and a fancier fundraising event. I'm actually wearing it right now too for a work meeting. It's so comfy, can be dressed up or down and super flattering. Plus, on sale right now! Comes in green or bright pink :)

  2. I hate mid dresses too. I wore one just this weekend and when I say a picture I was like "WOOF"
    We heard we were getting an Aldi in our small town too but that rumor started a few years ago and we have yet to get anything. But it would be a blessing if we got one.
    I use Google for almost everything...even here at work. Medical terms, legal terms, accept v. except....

  3. Filly Flair is my new favorite place to shop online. I bought 2 dresses recently that could fit these occasions, but neither are in stock now:( But they have lots of other cute ones. And I think the prices are pretty reasonable.