March 30, 2016

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...

  • I joined Snapchat. All the cool kids are doing it and "I wish that I could be like the cool kids, like the cool kids"....Follow me @shannonrdew, if you feel so inclined.
  • Reading Kristin Cavallari's book makes me want to clear out my cabinets and fridge and eat the way she does.  However, there's one small problem, money.
  • I indulged this weekend for Easter and I don't care.
  • I'm obsessed with Ben & Lauren.  Like, a lot.
  • I am beyond obsessed with my Yeti Rambler.  Jimmy got it for my birthday and it's the only cup I've drank out of since.
  • I like to have "me time".
  • I had a post all about Easter baskets and I never published it.  Maybe next year...
  • I am completely annoyed by all of the "turn on notifications" posts on IG.  Chill, people.  
  • Kendall's newest obsession is with Beados and I hate them.
  • I am so excited Kendall went back to school today.  A week and a half of nonstop fun did me in and now I'm ready for "normal".
  • I surprised Jimmy by doing our taxes this year.  He always wants me to do it and I never do so he was so excited when I told him they were done!
  • I love to do all the things for each and every holiday.  
  • I am stalking our frozen yogurt place, waiting for opening day. They will have Dippin' Dots this year, people!!!!
  • I almost have Jimmy convinced to do the 3 Day Refresh with me.  Almost.
What are you saying SO WHAT to this week?


  1. I HATE dippin' dots, am I the only one? I think they taste like chemicals or maybe its the consistency. I am waiting for Thursday our local yogurt place as free banana splits and I cannot wait to go indulge:)

    1. U don't love them either but KP is OBSESSED!!! She keeps saying, "do you think I can put allllll the toppings ON THE DIPPIN' DOTS!?!?".

  2. My 5 year year old got these as a gift and we attempted them a day ago. It was one big HOT mess. She could not get the beads to go in the right holes and I tried but couldn't even make the design we had for Elsa (it was Frozen). After about 5 minutes I just made a design with her -- and she was happy. Then we sprayed the water on them to have them harden and took them off last night, it broke apart in seconds. I don't get it at all. Did you have any better luck?

    1. We have made 3 so far, Shopkins {of course}. They have all turned out pretty good but definitely had to sit longer than the directions say and we used way more than 5-6 squirts of water. I think we had one or two beads pop out that we had to fix but yeah, pretty decent. But so much mess!

  3. I tried getting Tim to to the 3DR with me and that was a huge NO. Oliver and Tim got a Yeti Rambler with their names on them for a wedding attendant gift... I stole Olivers, it's bigger then his head he can have it when he is in college.

    1. Jimmy did it once before and had good results but was very cranky. I feel like if we did it together we could commiserate together. I only have one more day to convince him before it's not on sale though!!!! And yes! Oli doesn't need that awesome cup yet! Yay you!