May 10, 2016

T25 Round Two

Last week I finished my second round of Focus T25 and I feel great.  It's been exactly two years since I did the program entirely and man did it feel good to sweat and be sore again.  I missed it, truly.

Through the winter I literally get SADD.  I haven't been diagnosed or anything {WebMD to the rescue} but I know my mood changes from about Nov-Feb.  I have little energy, I don't want to go outside, I want to just go to bed and wake up when it's warm.  It affects all areas of my life and I hate that {one day we will live in a warmer state}.

This winter I literally wanted nothing to do with working out.  I didn't want to break a sweat.  I didn't feel like exerting myself physically.  I definitely had no interest in cardio activity.  That was when I turned to yoga.  I need some sort of physical activity in my life or my waistline would pay for it and yoga was right up my alley.  It was just what I needed at the time and I am so thankful I spent two solid months practicing.  I learned a lot about myself during that time.  It was a beautiful thing but once March rolled around I knew I needed more.

I started seeing my T25 pics showing up in Timehop from two years ago.  I started to feel motivated by myself- which is so crazy.  I get emails and comments all the time from people who say that my journey has inspired them but never, not once, have I ever felt inspired by myself.  Seeing all that I accomplished back then, the changes I made, the way my body responded, the motivation I had, it all lit a fire in me that I hadn't had for months.  And so I started T25 again.

I wasn't thrilled with these before pictures. I was mad at what I had let happen over a couple months after finishing my yoga practice. I just started eating whatever, not really tracking when I know how important it is {to me} to track my food.  So the belly fat, the back fat, the cellulite, it was all bad, bad, bad.  But I was hopeful T25 would "fix" all of that.

OK so maybe it didn't "fix" everything but it did get rid of that back fat!  My belly is more firm/flat {I doubt it will ever be FLAT}.  My skin altogether looks tighter/less doughy.  But this transformation isn't HUGE, I know that.  The thing the pictures don't show is my endurance.  My stamina over the last ten weeks has been a huge change.  I was carrying James on my back, uphill, last week and I wasn't even slightly winded. Heck, I was even singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star while I did it and I was thinking how ten weeks prior it would have been a different scene. It's the little things like that where I'm like, "OK changes are being made, even if I don't see them".  

I love T25.  It gets your heart rate up, keeps it up, burns insane calories and is great whether you are a beginner {there's a modifier} or more advanced.  It mixes everything- cardio, weights, full body, and that's why I love it so much.  Shaun T is an awesome motivator but I found that muting him and turning on my own workout mix helped me get more amped up and I actually found that I burned more calories when I did that vs when I listen to his cues {sorry Shaun}.  And, it's only 25 minutes, everybody got time for that. 

Now these "after" pictures are becoming my "befores" as I started 22 Minute Hard Corps yesterday.  This program is the first new program I've started in nearly two years and I am excited.  I've done a few of Tony Horton's workouts, here and there, but none of them in their entirety so I can't wait to see what he's all about.  Everyone raves about him so I'm sure I'll love him too.  

Stay tuned!


  1. Tony Horton is the MAN! Love him. Even his 10 minute ab routine on YouTube is great!!

    So proud of you, Shannon!!! PS ordering more shakeology today!!

    1. So I did day 1 of 22MHC yesterday and yes, I think I might be in love with him already! I had no idea he was a stand up comedian before BB!!!! Thank you girl, you are always my biggest supporter :-*

  2. I've been following your workouts since you did T25 the first time. You are a huge inspiration to me. My daughter is 2 weeks younger than James, so I was doing T25 at the same time, but now I'm pregnant with my second and basically feel like I'll be starting from scratch but dying to start the workouts again! My question is over all this time, I've seen your Polar heart rate monitor pics on instagram, and want to invest in one. Do you use the chest strap to get an accurate calorie reading? Thanks!!

    1. Oh thank you so much! You are so sweet! You'll do great starting over, I know it! As for the Polar yes! I wear the chest strap {I have the FT4} and get the reading that way. It doesn't bother me at all, I know some people are worried that the strap will be annoying! Totally recommend it!

    2. Great! Thanks so much, I will definitely be getting one of those. Can't wait to start again! Thanks again for sharing all you do with your workouts/health. It really makes me believe I can do it too.