November 9, 2016

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...

  • I already started listening to Christmas music.
  • I had very low expectations of the Trolls movie and ended up LOVING it.  Seriously go take your kids to see it TODAY.  
  • I really didn't want to vote this year but I did.
  • I am officially done Christmas shopping for the kids {with the exception of stocking stuffers}.
  • I really can't stand Ben & Lauren Happily Ever After but I watch it anyway.
  • I am anxious to see what the new #redcup looks like this year.
  • I'm appalled at how people are handling the news of the presidency this morning.
  • I own lots of PJs but I prefer to sleep in Jimmy's old t-shirts.
  • Potty training might drive me to Betty Ford.  
  • I hate DST the most because I don't like the sun coming up before 7am.
  • I love a good rainy day. Always have.
  • The most upsetting thing about the election was that This Is Us wasn't on last night.
  • I ate 4 slices of toast and 2 beers for dinner last night.
  • My Christmas list is full of furniture and home stuff.  #youknowyou'reoldwhen
  • I only get the mail when I am expecting something good.
  • I'm sad we didn't have family pictures taken this fall because now I have nothing for the Christmas cards.

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