January 9, 2017

My New Years Resolution

Happy New Year!

Seeing as we are a little over a week into the new year I thought maybe I should start thinking about my resolution/word of the year.  Most of you are probably thinking I should have come up with one by now, it's not like I didn't know this time of year was coming.  It's true, New Years was no surprise, I should have been prepared.

In my defense, I want this year to be GOOD.  I mean real good, ya feel?  I didn't want some arbitrary word that made me feel good in the moment but fizzled out come March {as most resolutions do}.  I also didn't want something generic like, "reduce debt" or "be a better mom" either.  I need more concrete things- a challenge, if you will. I do well with challenges, I've realized.

So this year I'm going to do a little less and a little more because there is more than one area I can improve on and I realize that.  I don't think that resolutions, or any goals, need to be narrowed down to one aspect of life, right?

In 2017 I will do/have/be/say/etc LESS

  • phone time
  • selfishness
  • complaining
  • "no"
  • comparing
  • critical {of myself and others}
  • spending
  • distractions
  • clutter
  • yelling
  • mindless/reality TV
  • empty promises
And I will do/have/be/say/etc MORE
  • reading
  • considerate
  • intentional
  • water
  • personal development 
  • praying
  • saving
  • writing
  • vacations
  • "yes"
  • self love
  • connecting
  • listening
  • inspiring
I think that about covers it 😉.  It looks like 2017 is going to be a good year full of simplifying, awareness, and love.  I think the overall theme, and if I had to pick a specific word for this year, is growth.  I want to come out of 2017 a completely different person than when I started it.

It all starts today.


  1. Can I copy and paste this into my year. I totally need to do (or not do) all of these.