January 26, 2009


So we met with Dottie from http://www.cakedots.com/ on Saturday and sampled 5 of her cakes and I must say they were TO DIE FOR! She probably makes the most delicious wedding cake in all of Ohio, even my non-cake loving Future Mr loved it! We tried chocolate, snickerdoodle, yellow, white, and marble and each was so good it made picking just two very difficult. In the end we are going with the bottom layer marble, and the middle two chocolate and our top tier half and half. I know a lot of people are saying "What? No white w/filling?" Nope, not at our wedding and trust me when I say this cake will not disappoint! It's going to be a combination of these two cakes
Future Mr favorite

My favorite

We are combining the leaves from the first and the flowers of the second to our cake. I loved the second but we decided maybe it was a little to spring/summer so to make it fit our fall wedding we are adding the leaves. Basically, where the leaves cluster on the first one we are adding in fondant roses and calla lillies so it still has the floral element. I love the topper on the second and plan to make a "D" out of twigs, the same as they made the "M" on that one. Cake Dot is amazing and I know she is going to do a fabulous job!

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