February 4, 2009

Melt down, wisdom teeth, and honeymoons oh my!

Well we are finally melting out of our snow hell! I am so sick of snow, if I never saw it again it would still be too soon! This weekend is supposed to get up into the 40s and 50s so it's gonna be a heat wave! Watch out I might even get my bathing suit out and layout on the deck! LOL!

Friday I got my wisdom teeth out and ruined my South Beach diet! Here's me w/my gauze and panty hose full of ice...
I must say the procedure went far better than I (or Future Mr) expected! I was only out for about 30 minutes and when I woke up I felt great! I didn't even need my pain pills! I went home expecting to fall asleep as soon as I hit the couch and didn't nap once! The healing process hasn't been bad either, except I don't like Vicodin...yuck! I am very fortunate and thankful that I had such an amazing surgeon! I also had a wonderful care provider, Future Mr took great care of me and the house this past weekend! I don't know what I'd do without him. Chanel also kept me company snuggling on the couch with me all weekend.

By Sunday I even felt good enough to make (and eat) this giant cupcake cake :-)

So yeah needless to say my South Beach diet has gone out the window since I can only eat soft foods, including mashed potatoes, pasta, applesauce, and soup. I started working out again last night though but only walking till I go for my check-up next Wednesday.
Tonight we are going to meet with the travel agent to discuss honeymoons! I'm so excited to do this especially since it's still bitterly cold here, I'm thinking sun, sand, and umbrella drinks!

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