March 12, 2009

B Pics Saturday

EEEEEeeeek! I have my boudoir pics this Saturday at 8pm! I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I know they are going to be amazing as Maria ( is a wonderful photographer and very talented when it comes to making the girl look her best. I wanted to lose 20 lbs before I did them but I only managed to lose like 8, LOL. I have a few outfit ideas...
1. Casual- ripped jeans and a white bra, I will incorporate FIs acoustic guitar in these
2. Girlie- a baby blue and white baby doll set from the VS bridal collection
3. Sexy- hot pink and black rubber/vinyl look corset w/garters and thigh highs
4. Every guys dream- men's white button down and undies
5. Bride- blue Mrs. Dew boy shorts w/a white wife beater tank that says " little thing" in rhinestones
6. Glamour- ivory lace boy shorts w/a big bow on the butt, pearls, ivory patent heels

I think between those I'll have all my bases covered ;-) I'll post a few when they are done! Wish me luck!

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