March 16, 2009

B Pics Update

Seriously who knew getting naked in front of strangers could be so fun!? The pics went amazingly well this weekend! Maria and Jon ( were so easy to work with and really made me feel like a goddess. Maria told me the first 5 minutes would be the worst and she was right, it was all uphill after that. I am so glad I did these and truly felt like a million bucks when I left that night. If anyone is thinking of doing them for thier significant other I'd highly recommend them. Maria showed me a few images throughout the shoot and I couldn't believe my eyes, "That's me?!" was all I could think! I cannot wait for her to send me some teasers. This is going to be very hard to keep from Future Mr so thankfully I got the DVD and I'll make my own "For Your Eyes Only" book closer to the wedding that way I won't be so tempted to just whip it out and give it to him on some random Wednesday.

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