May 18, 2009

The Perfect Balance

bal.ance (n): A stable mental or psychological state; emotional stability.

Relationships are all about finding that perfect balance. We have so many priorities in life; work, school, gym, friends, family, extracurriculars, that it suddenly becomes hard to find time for your relationship. It seems silly to say, especially for couples who live together, but you really have to make time for each other.
In come Future Mr and I. Recently Future Mr started working 2nd shift (4pm-12) and it's really put a strain on our relationship. At first it's no big deal but night after night of going to bed alone really starts to wear on a bride-to-be. You start to miss things you take for granted day in and day out, like eating dinner together. I love to cook and for the past 2 weeks I haven't done much of it b/c I don't like cooking for one.
It is fun though finding ways to keep your relationship alive and exciting even when you only see each other 2 days a week really. Future Mr and I have started leaving each other notes on the counter for each other to read when we get home from work. I love this new ritual b/c we end up saying things in the letters that we wouldn't normally if we were seeing each other. Last night, even though he wasn't tired yet and really wanted to watch Rambo, Future Mr came to bed with me and watched it in bed with headphones on (even though sound doesn't bother me), just so we could at least go to bed together. It's little things like that that really make me appreciate our time together.
Life is short and you never know what's around the corner. Cherish these moments you have together and find ways every day to let your someone special know you love them, before it's too late.

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