May 14, 2009

Wednesday (Sort Of) Weekly Weigh In

Ok well I know it's technically Thursday BUT I did weigh in yesterday, I was just too lazy to take a picture last night, LOL. I'm finally down to 140!!! I thought I was going to be stuck at 144 FOREVER! Now if I could just lose 10 more I'll be a happy gal!


  1. o/t - but your hair looks cute in a pony!

  2. Oh you are CRAZY girl! I had just woken up, no shower, that's bedhead for ya!

  3. Congrats! That's awesome!!

    Also, I'm pretty sure that is the second ring that Heidi is wearing. The first one he gave her was hideous! It was pink!

    That ring is beautiful. Those two are ridiculous. I had to stop watching the hills. ;) Keep in mind I live in LA so those things just bug me.