May 12, 2009

SPINOFF...Favorite Famous Engagement Rings

It's a rather slow day in Soon to be Dew-land so I thought I'd post some bling for your viewing pleasure...

As much as I hate to put these two anywhere on my blog I have to admit I LOVE Heidi's ring, I mean just look at it! I believe this was the first one Spencer gave her, one that she no longer wears- CRAZY GIRL!

Now I would never pick something like this but Christina Aguilera's engagement ring is so unique you can't help but be drawn to it.

Well Tom Cruise sure knows how to impress. Katie Holmes engagement ring is TDF! Look at all those diamonds!

I absolutely L-O-V-E Eva Longoria- Parker's ring. It's simple and (albeit huge)classic.

Joel Madden, if you are reading skip this part. Nicole Richie's engagment ring to then boyfriend DJ AM was a show stopper. Not one for colored stones but this one is just, WOW!

Newly engaged Rachel Bilson has a gorgeous new ring. It's very simple and something that any girl would be happy to recieve. I love the vintage look of this solitare.

I know the word is still out on wheter K-Fed bought Brit Brit's ring but regardless it was a stunner. Two slim pave bands with a HUGE rock separating them- sorry this pic is the best I could do

It doesn't get more classic than this solitare given to Avril Lavigne by now husband Deryk Whibley.

Angelina eat your heart out. I absolutely love Jennifer Aniston's ring from then husband Brad Pitt. It's so unique and so her IMO.


  1. I like Katies ring.

    Jennifer A's ring is weird, but i kinda like it!

  2. Love Eva's and Heidi's actually. What about Jessica Simpson's from Nick? Her entire finger glittered!

  3. I actually really like Avril's ring!

  4. heidi's ring is gorgeous! Katie Holmes.. well that is just spectacular! haha

    thanks for the sweet comment! your blog is super cute!

  5. I like all the rings but the one that I like the most is of Jennifer. Its so unique and stunning. vintage style rings

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  7. funny b/c most of these people are divorced already.

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