June 11, 2009

Silly Boy!

Future Mr called me right after MOH left from meeting me at work on Tuesday and our conversation went something like this...

Future Mr: What are you up to?

Miss HoneyDew: Oh just walked K out, she stopped by to pick up the giant cupcake cake pan.

Future Mr: When am I gonna get to come see you at work?

Miss HoneyDew: Whenever you want, babe.

Future Mr: No, I want to be invited *insert awe*

Miss HoneyDew: Would you like to come and have lunch w/me on Friday?

Future Mr: No.

hmmm...ok. BOYS!


  1. LOVE your blog, you have a new reader!

  2. LOL!! What a goof! Sounds like something B would have done to me.

  3. haha He's so funny. He just wanted to be invited! I just invite myself haha ... thanks for the cupcake pan! that thing is AWESOME! So glad I can picture where you are when you're posting your blog all day long :) - j/k!

  4. hehe, too cute! my husband would do the same.

  5. i may have had that exact conversation with hubs more than once!