June 12, 2009

Body Composition Report

I promise if you are struggling with your weight this will be helpful.
So as you know I am in a constant struggle to get off some pounds. Most recently I mentioned that my gym offered me a free body composition assessment and my results are IN! The doctor was awesome and I really hope my insurance covers this b/c I'd love to start working with him.
So last Friday I went and had electrodes placed on my fingers and toes which basically sent shocks through my body to see my fat-free mass, lean dry mass, total body water, intra-cellular water, extra cellular water, BMI and my phase angle. Your probably cross-eyed right now wondering what this all means.
So based on my height (64"), weight (145 at the time), and age (26) the report shows my body is made up of (the "averages" will be bolded):

39.8 pounds of fat 28.2-75.4 pounds
105.2 pounds of fat-free mass 80.0-107.8 pounds
31.2 pounds of lean dry mass
33.5 liters of total body water 26.9-36.5 liters
17.3 liters of intra-cellular water 15.1-19.1 liters
16.2 liters of extra-cellular water 11.8-17.4 liters
BMI= 24.89 19.5-31.1
Phase Angle= 5.5 7.0-8.6

So what does all that mean? Well basically my body is definitely dehydrated! I knew that was going to happen, I know I don't drink NEARLY enough water. So he suggested I drink 16 oz. of water every 3 hours. He said I should drink my first 16 oz. with lemon, great I hate lemon! He told me to suck it up b/c the lemon will kick start the kidney after being asleep all night. This is important b/c the kidney gets rid of all the waste, and dead cells in the body, which makes room for new cells and speeds up metabolism. Still following?

As far as "diet" goes he wants me to try to cut out dairy and breads for 30 days. To which I said 2 things #1 "BUT I LOOOOOOOVE CHEESE" and #2 "if you are trying to make me go vegan my Future Mr will kill you!", good news, he's not taking away my meat. He asked me if I knew what was in dairy...um milk? Nope, enzyme casein. Enzyme casein is used in super glue, awesome. Also he said bread is just a "filler" it offers no nutritional value whatsoever. Not whole grain, not wheat, not multi-grain, none of it. He wants me to eat every 3 hours (half hour after I drink the 16 oz of water).

He filled me with so much info, much of which I'm sure I'm leaving out but that was it in a nutshell (no this is me in a nutshell...stupid Austin Powers). So am I willing to try this drastic "diet"? I think so! I think my body needs something to "shock" it and this might do it. There are all sorts of alternatives, some of which sound really yummy. This will take place after Dew Family Vaca of course. Speaking of which I am going to try really hard to discipline myself while we are gone. I've got my gym clothes and tennis shoes packed for a morning run on the beach. The Dr said even if I don't run I can do a nice 45 minute walk. So here's to hoping I stay motivated while gazing into the sunrise.


  1. WOW! Thanks for posting that! I do NOT drink enough water so I am going to try that... and I am going to try to cut dairy and bread out too. EEK! So hard!

  2. Great information! I have been contemplating giving up dairy just to see how I feel. It seems like every day I read something negative about it. Eeek!

    Good luck staying motivated on vacay. You can do it! My key has been to get up slightly earlier than everyone else and just get it over with. That way you aren't missing out on anything fun. Good luck! :)

  3. I thought wheat was good for you?!

  4. This sounds fanastic! Thank you for posting such great information. Please keep us updated on your progress. I would love to try something like this!

  5. Reminded me to drink my water-glad you got so much information!

  6. cutting out dairy is NOT hard at all. I haven't had any since C was 4 weeks old. I just have soy and drink rice milk. I'm going to try this no bread stuff too. I also need more water!

  7. I completely agree about the dairy and bread. I do eat whole grain toast, but only because each slice of the toast I eat has 6g of fiber.

    Now, dairy? No nutritional value whatsoever. I have done a lot of research on this. We are the only species that consumes another animal's milk, and our bodies lose the enzymes needed to digest milk by age 3. So we are eating something our bodies just don't break down.

    You can totally do it. I have a great protein shake every day (vanilla) with water, ice, and a banana. So good, and so good for you. Maybe something like that would feel dairy-ish?

    Please let me know how all this goes. The water alone will be so good for you. I barely drink any these days. So bad.

  8. Danielle that is so interesting that you say that about us being the only ones that drink milk b/c that is EXACTLY what he told me too. He was like "isn't that strange?" and it really is. Thanks for your words of encouragement!