June 29, 2009

So much time, so little to do- SCRATCH THAT- reverse it

Wow so we are officially less than 100 days away from becoming Mr and Mrs. I can't believe how the past 9 months have FLOWN by! At first I was ON TOP of all this wedding planning and for the past 3-4 months I have literally been at a stand still, done NOTHING, nada, zilch! Well now the pressure is on!!!
My to-do list goes something like this:
  • Apply for passport
  • Start dress fittings
  • Order paper lanterns for reception decor
  • Rent 6-7 more tables
  • Start guest list
  • Start invites
  • Get marriage license
  • Plan rehearsal dinner
  • Decide on a menu
  • Book our hotel room
  • Make donation to the Pancreatic Cancer Foundation
  • Get BM gifts
  • Make a play list for reception
  • Book bagpiper for ceremony
  • Get cake-topper
  • Get card box for cards
  • Get goodies for the kiddie bags
  • Find table number card holders

Wow it really looks like I have A LOT to do when I write it out like that. Hmmm...maybe I shouldn't have been a slacker for 4 months...


  1. Good luck with everything!! I know how it feels, we got married last October and there's not much to do for the last couple months and then it feels like everything comes at once!

    Just a quick FYI:

    If you get your passport before you get married (with your maiden name on it) Make sure to go back before one year and you can update it w/o paying for an entire new one. I believe to change/update your name it is like $30 (or maybe not even that much), but a new passport after one year will be over $100..... So make sure you put that on your to-do list for after the honeymoon! :-)

  2. hey same date bride buddy! you just reminded me that i have to get my passport too! i wonder how long that will take...fun!

  3. You'll be fine! It seems like a big list I'm sure, but you'll start crossing things off soon enough!
    Good luck :)

  4. you better get busy!!! It won't take you that long, just spend a few Saturdays...

  5. This is really exciting! That countdown process is so fun!

    Came across your blog from Misadventures --

    I've got a great Summer Giveaway going on... check it out!

  6. Lots and lots to do, eeepp! If I were close I'd totally help you ;) Our company did just build a restaurant there...

  7. good luck with everything! you can do it ;)

  8. No worries, you will get it all done. I would definitely start with finalizing the invitations and getting the passport. Some of the things on the list are fun like shopping for BM gifts and finalizing menus!

  9. I was just thinking today that I'm sending you the invitation worksheet! :) - detail time!