June 30, 2009

Dear Jillian,

How much longer are you going to allow Wes to make a fool out of you on national TV? I understand his appeal b/c I am a sucker for a guy you sings and plays guitar, heck my Future Mr did that and I was putty in his hand. However, you have had numerous people talk about someone having a girlfriend and when Jake-y poo (love love love him) finally comes out that it's Wes YOU STILL KEEP HIM?! WTF Jillian, WTF?
On a positive note, I am glad you got rid of Jesse and Mike last night. I really liked Jesse until I saw his family, a bunch of weird-os if I do say so myself. And I really liked Mike, and his family seemed great, but he's too much of a goofball, I can't see being in a relationship with him.
At least you still have Kiptyn and cutie patootie Reid in the running. Reid's family was so welcoming and seemed to really like you. And Kiptyn's mom is a complete lush, LOVES it!
Anywho, I know you did not ask for it but that's my two cents.

A loyal viewer,


  1. I'm a Reid fan... and I was a Jake fan. Let's just hope she doesn't end up with Wes. You know she feels like an idiot watching the shows air and hear all the crappy things he has to say!

  2. I agree with you 100%!!! I cannot stand Wes and I yell at the TV for Jillian to get a clue, ha!

  3. Amen girl! And, can I just tell you how excited I am for the reunion show when she can (hopefully) really tell Wes off?!?

    Ditto to Reid - what a cuite in those glasses : - )

  4. haha this girl needs to start using her brain! Wes is a douche! : )

  5. Seriously, I am so annoyed by Wes, get rid of him already. Yuck. I adore Kiptyn is adorable, I hope she picks him!

  6. Great recap! I do not understand why Wes is still there. She must be blind. I'm glad that Ed is back...I really liked him!

  7. Haha you are so right on! Exactly the same thoughts I was thinking last night - when will she wake up!
    a loyal kiptyn fan

  8. I agree 100%, although I liked Michael and was sad that she let him go. I missed the beginning so I didn't see her visit with Reid's family but I like him so I hope he's the one she picks in the end. I wish she would get rid of Wes, he's such a sleazebag.