August 12, 2009

Wedding Wednesday

Wow can you believe only 52 more days! Holy sneaking up on me fast, right
Well I can say we had a VERY productive weekend as far as wedding things go!
Friday: Met with the venue and did our food tasting and it was a SUCCESS! The food was so yummy! For cocktail hour we will be having displays of fruit, veggies and cheese and crackers. Appetizers for dinner will be an antipasto tray with rustic bread and a mixture of sweet peppers, onions, mushrooms, meatballs and Italian sausage (the men LOVED this). Dinner will be salad, Italian style green beans, baked penne with chicken, pasta with shrimp in garlic and olive oil sauce and a baked Italian style chicken. As you can see, we are having all Italian food, my favorite (and my family is Italian so it works). I realize that I will be eating pasta in a white dress, that's why we went with the shrimp pasta (in a clear sauce). I can't think of anyone that doesn't like Italian so hopefully all the guests will be happy!
We got to take the grand tour of our venue, see where the girls will get ready, how the tables will be arranged, how the guests will be seated during the ceremony, where the alcohol will be, and how and where I will walk out from. The new girl in charge of our venue was so helpful and gave me lots of ideas and recommendations, I felt so much better after we left Friday night, so did Future Mr.
Saturday: we went to Men's' Warehouse with the best man and picked out what tuxes the groom and groomsmen will be wearing. We were pretty limited as only one set came with the matching lapis vests and tie, so that one it was! Future Mr will be wearing the same Calvin Klein tux but in ivory, just so happens that the ONLY lapis vest and tie set was the only one I liked so that worked out!
Sunday: we went over to the jewelers (again) and picked up my ring, LOVE IT, and sent Future Mr's in to be worked on again! We have had his ring sized (I think) 4 times and it still isn't right. His knuckle is fatter than his finger so it fits over the knuckle but when it's around his finger it's too loose. So we can't size it again or he won't get it on and we had sizing beads put in the last time and they were 1. uncomfortable and 2. he could BARELY get it off once it was on. SO NOW they are going to remove the beads and instead put a layer of gold around the inside of the band (sort of like a horseshoe) and I'm PRAYING that works!

Today I am meeting with the florist. My mom and dad are both going, so hopefully she can give us some sort of reassurance and we leave there happy campers. I really love her work and want to use her so hopefully she'll pull through.


This weekend is BaChElOrEtTe WeEkEnD!!!

I can't wait to go away with the girls this weekend! I'm not certain of what they have in store for me but I know we will have a blast! I will say, I am going to miss Future Mr a lot though since I haven't seen him all week thanks to 3rd shift :-( I will try and take lots of pics to share when I get back!!


  1. I found your blog some how and thought it was so cute! It’s quick how fast everything goes. Before you know it you’ll be married! AH… BTW – Love your blog, you got me hooked as a follower!! ;)

  2. Have so much fun this weekend. My bach was two weekends ago and it was so much fun.

    Your big day is getting close. I have 66 days left!! Exciting!

    Your food sounds yummy!!

  3. Agh! Cant wait to see your bachelorette pics!!! So fun!!! :) And your food descriptions just made me really hungry.. REALLY. hhaha!

  4. Sooooo fun!!!! Can I go to the wedding???? I would go just for the food alone!! Nah, JK! But that does sound delish! So glad things are coming together!!

  5. Yay for bachelorette weekend!!! Whoot!!!!

    Love the new header!

  6. It's getting so close, I'm so excited for you!! Have a blast this weekend and take pics!=)

  7. yay! youre going to have so much fun! enjoy it... know that its sooo soon to your big day, yay! xxxooo

  8. 52 days really? really? i mean i was looking at the calendar and all the things we have planned between now and then and i know the time will just sneak up on us EVEN MORE!

    shut up right now - we are getting our tuxes at mens warehouse too!

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! im so excited for your bachie party weekend! mine was an absolute blast and i hop eyou have just as much fun!

  9. Wow! You got a lot done! I think that's a great food choice for the cocktail hour. And I hope his ring fits!

    Have fun this weekend!!