August 19, 2009

Wedding Wednesdays

Wow so much is going on in wedding land that I think my head might spin!
First things first, Future Mr and I are doing invitations this week. It's crunch time so we are trying to get these together by the end of the week, I think we're making some serious progress.
Here's Future Mr bright and early, looks thrilled doesn't he?
Taping away!
sneak peek
And don't even get me started on our "guest room". WOW is it becoming a hot wedding mess. Don't believe me? Take a look at this picture, that takes up one wall in the room and that is all wedding crap in those bags! OMG!
I still can't believe the wedding is only weeks away. It's really starting to stress me out, I'm not going to lie. It's especially hard b/c with Future Mr working nights I feel like it's all on me. I know he is tired and so I don't want to bother him during the days with things but at the same time, it's wearing me thin. I just keep making lists and lists of things that need done/bought/printed/assembled/ordered/etc and it makes my head spin. At times I feel like I'll never have enough time or money to do and buy all that I need.
My grandparents are coming up from FL this week and my grandma is the original Martha Stewart so it will be so nice to have her creative, helping hands around. I can't wait to put them to work see them!
And my first bridal shower is this Sunday and I cannot wait!! Showers and parties make the whole thing seem so much more real. Like it's all coming together finally!!! Yes I am still registry stalking so I *sorta* know what's coming, bad girl!
So that's this week in a nutshell. I'm back to invitation land now!


  1. Breathe, girl, breathe! :) You've been busy!!

  2. The invitations looks gorgeous, Shan! I haven't even started thinking about mine (well, minus buying the kits) yet. I should probably start doing that, huh? LOL.

  3. Your invitations are so pretty!! I is great once you finish the last one! LOL!

  4. My guest room is also a wedding crap war room. We have taken over the room completely.

    Yay for invites going out!!

  5. Those invitations look amazing!! and you are sooo organized.... yay, its sooo much fun!! xxooo

  6. Girl, I know it's all going to come together!!! Breathe in, breathe out, haha!!!! :)

  7. Hang in there girl! I know if feels like you are sinking in wedding planning hell but if you ask, I would put money on it that your girls/fam would jump to help you! Make sure you relax as much as you can, you are in the homes stretch!!! Yay!

  8. your invites look gorgeous! looking at your guest room makes me laugh, because mine looked the exact same way!

  9. don't be stressed, it is too much fun and comes and goes SO quickly---just enjoy the little annoying moments like tying bows until your fingers are raw, and stuffing envelopes...because you'll never do it again (only for friends!), seriously...soak it all up, girl...

    ps: everyone has a "room" devoted to wedding stuff...don't worry about it until after :)


  10. It looks like you have everything under control with the invitations. I love your workstation! I remember when we were getting close to the end and what a mess our guest room was.

    I bet it will be so nice to get some help from your grandmother!

  11. Well it looks like you've got a lot of stuff already for the wedding waiting! So at least your on top of it!!!

  12. your first shower is coming up, how exciting!!
    looks like you are super busy...keep smiling girly and try not to stress yourself out.
    if i was near you, i'd help ;)

  13. Awe, girl I know how it feels!! The best advice is simply, take some chill time out for yourself so you don't have a break down. :) Everything WILL go just fine. LOL, I'm sure you have heard that many times!!! ;-)

  14. oh, memories of the wedding taking over my life! our "office" totally turned into a wedding stock room for over a year!

  15. Lists are good! They'll help you stay grounded over the next few weeks!

    The shower will be SO fun & like you said it will really make it all seem real! I feel like the timeline has FLOWN by since post-shower!

    Invites look great :)

  16. Ha ha, the first pic of the future Mr. is greatness, poor guy! Take it easy, not too much longer!

  17. The invitations look great! My best friend makes invitations, and it is hard work!!!