October 21, 2009

Wedding Wednesdays

This week I'd like to showcase the bridesmaid gifts. I loved everything they got and wished my budget would have allowed for me to get them more, they definitely deserved it.

They got Philosophy Bridal Party kit that had 3 "wedding" scents, bouquet, champagne, and weding cake, YUM! They also got flip flops for dancing, earrings and monogrammed wine glasses

wine glasses, cute huh?

here's the earrings
all wrapped with a personal card for each girl
They loved their gifts, or so they say ;-) but unfortunately Nichole broke her glass at the wedding :-( Oh well.


  1. Ohh that is so cute!! I love their glasses with the names on them, so personal and thoughtful! :)

  2. Gifts are wrapped so cutely! Love the personalized glasses!

  3. Those look like great bridal party gifts!

  4. Cute cute! And I love the pink little gift bags! The little touches are just adorable! :) Please keep up the wedding Wednesdays-I love reading them about the stuff you guys did, etc. You should do a recap like a down and dirty debriefing.. If you could do it all over, what would you do different and not differently and why. I'd totally drool over that post. Just sayin. hah!

  5. omg i just now saw this post. i already knew what you were getting the girls - and the little bags turned out so cute! im sure htey loved it all!!! what a great friends you are :)

  6. BFF Blog follower and bridesmaid here to say that YES we did actually love everything haha didn't just SAY we did :) - For the record... I've been using the Philosophy every day since your wedding and drank out of my party-wine-glass a bunch already. - THANK YOU!! :) It was a pleasure to be a bridesmaid for your big day! Let's look through all the pics and relive it!