December 7, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Welcome to our home.

Our wreath that I still love 3-4 years later

Our garland entry way.

Our kitchen wine/snowman display

(I made the little one)

Dinning room. This bell tree is my FAVORITE by far!

His and her plates.

if you look closely the Santa letter says "Dear Santa, Please stop here. Love, Jimmy" This was given to us as a wedding gift by Mr. Husband's aunt and she had it in her family for 13 years. Mr. Husband always loved it as a little boy so she handed it down to us. How sweet!

Stockings, the little one was Chanel's when it was just her and I, guess we better get Casey Girl one.

Entertainment area.

These guys are too cute and sing the funniest song!

Starting to get some cards!

To light our way at night.

And I write you from this.

And smell this, the best scent EVER and probably will never find again...

18 more days till Christmas!!!


  1. I love that candle! I'm working there for the holidays and our store hasxthat candle. You should check your BBW for it. Great decorations!

  2. i love your decorations! your house looks beautiful!

  3. Cute! Don't you just love Christmastime!?

  4. It looks so good in your house!! So warm and cozy! I love it!

  5. i have the same singing snowmen! love them!

  6. everything looks great hun!!!
    i need a new night light plug in, yours are super cute!!
    i just posted my decor today too ;)

  7. The decorations look great and your outside lights are so pretty! I love that candle scent from B&BW too. They still have it, it is just packaged differently. Here it is:

  8. Love ALL your decorations!!!!!!!! :)

  9. This is soooo cute!! I love that you get to keep things from other years and use them again, xxxooo

  10. Your house is beautiful. I love your placemats!

  11. Beautiful decorations ! I love Christmas :)))