February 11, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

Today I am thankful for:
  • Kendall Paige. I'm so glad I don't have to post butterbean anymore! I am so relieved that everything was FINE at our u/s on Monday. It's so exciting to know she's in there and growing.
  • Family. I had everyone I love with me at the u/s Monday, minus my dad b/c he had surgery, and I never felt so loved. It truly means the world to me to have them all witness this miracle with me.
  • Sleep. All week we've been going to bed PRETTY early and it feels GREAT! Make fun of us all you want, 9 {sometimes earlier} o'clock bedtimes are the BOMB!
  • OJ. My doctor has told me not to drink it because of all the added sugar, BUT I do and I did drink it before the u/s Monday and it definitely helped KP wiggle and show us the goods.
  • Uggs. Not as a fashion statement, I'm not that girl. I LOVE them as my winter boots. It is COLD here in OH right now and the 3 pair I own are total lifesavers. They keep my feet so comfy and warm, I have a hard time taking them off once I get to work.
  • Valentine's Day. I'm normally not a v-day kind of girl, or so I tried telling myself. This year I'm pretty excited to go to brunch and see Valentine's Day, yes we will be THAT couple. I just love the mood v-day brings out in people. What can I say, I love love!
  • Work. Sometimes I complain about work and wish that I was a school teacher so that I could have snow days, but I'm really thankful and lucky to be where I'm at. My work has gone through a lot of changes recently and I'm glad I've made it through all of them with my job in tact.
What are you thankful for?


  1. you do NOT wish you were a school teacher. that is the hardest job (other than being a mommy) in the entire world. SO what, they get snow days, but do you know the kind of bs that I had to put up with? LOL.

  2. What a great list! I use to not be a valetine's day person either, but then when the hubby proposed on valentine's day a few years ago, it made it extra special. :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. great things to be thankful for...

  4. I really enjoyed reading this! I would have to agree with the work things. Sometimes I wish i was a teacher, but I love my job and I really don't think I have the patience to teach.

  5. ha... Im thankful for my uggs too!!hehehe xxxoo

  6. Aww I love this and I love the name Kendall Paige---so cute!

  7. Aw that was such a sweet post. YAY your having a little girl yay..

  8. Yay! Love reading what people are thankful for!

  9. I love my F-Uggs too! I live in them.