March 9, 2010

Tummy Tuesdays- Week 18

It’s that time of the week again! I swear it seems like I just finish writing last weeks and I’m on to the new week! I can’t believe how time is flying! 18 weeks is almost 20, which is almost halfway!
Latest developments…well this pregnancy has officially taken my tolerance and THROWN it out the window! Probably not a good sign since Miss KP is going to require lots of patience but I just have NONE when it comes to smelly coworker ignorant people! I also have found that if I am in a group setting and multiple people are talking I have a hard time focusing. Not sure if that’s part of pregnant brain or not but it’s quite annoying. I used to pride myself on being able to tune people out and focus on the task at hand but anymore that’s not possible.
I have been feeling her move more; guess it wasn’t a figment of my imagination after all, YAY! It’s weird because sometimes it feels like a bubble and other times it feels like butterflies, either way I love it and can’t wait for Mr. Husband to get in on the action!
My pre-pregnancy clothes are starting to dwindle away to a faint memory. I’m still trying to wear a lot of them because I refuse to buy any more winter clothes, but each time I wear something I realize it’s the last time I’ll wear it for a while. They just don’t look the same even if they do still “fit”. And as far as maternity fashions go, I realized I don’t like maternity looking clothes. I still want my clothes to look like normal, fitting clothes, not loose, baggy, tent-y maternity clothes. I returned my fair share of things to Old Navy and Destination Maternity because of this.
Good news is the weather is warming up here in OH and that means I get to go out and walk at work! Hallelujah! As I said before the gym is a distant memory but now that it’s above freezing, and the snow is starting to melt, I can walk on my breaks and lunch at work. That’s 1.5 hours a day walking, that’s more time than I ever put in at the gym!
Sleep=whatever. I realize you sleep like crap during your pregnancy to get you ready for baby. I can’t get comfortable. I toss and turn all night. I pee a million times. I have dry mouth. I want to lie on my back {total weird for me seeing that I’m a stomach sleeper} but I can’t because it’s “bad”. I’m hot. No I’m cold. No I’m hot and cold. I don’t know, but it’s miserable.
I go to the doctor this week, maybe he can recommend something other than “stick a pillow between your legs” {does not work}. I can’t wait to hear her heartbeat again. I bought the Bebe Sounds machine but guess what? It doesn’t work till the third trimester, what a waste! I always get nervous before my visits because it still doesn’t seem real to me. Well that and I’m afraid he’s going to tell me I need to cut back on the mac n’ cheese and Girl Scout cookies. Our next ultrasound is the 25th and I can’t wait to see what she looks like now {then}. She was just barely 14 weeks when we saw her last so she’s going to be A LOT bigger {hopefully} and maybe more active. I get really excited for the ultrasounds because that is when Mr. Husband gets to be part of it. Right now it’s all about me experiencing things but during the ultrasounds he gets to be in on it too and his face just lights up {melts my heart}.
Miss KP is one spoiled little girl already! I just got a whole box of her stuff packed for the new house and grammy brought her over 5 more onsies, 2 pair of Puma socks, and a sleeper! This girl is going to be one stylin’ little mama! I can’t wait to dress her up!


  1. i bet shes gonna be the most stylin baby on the block!!! i hope they find something to help you sleep more comfortably<3

  2. Aw YAY your almost half way there lol..

  3. I love the little baby growing counter at the top!!! xxxoo

  4. Oh my goodness. I had to catch up on what has been going on with you. I saw 18 weeks and you were talking about she this and her that and I thought. How does she know already? You knew at 15 weeks? So lucky! And I love your new house! Congrats!

  5. This is so sweet... all of the goings on as you prepare for your first little one - seems like such a special time!

    And although I don't see it happening for a while, I'm really looking forward to that time the Hubs get's so excited to see our little one on the "big" screen :-)

  6. I love reading about how everything is coming along. To feel the baby move must be so amazing. From reading all of your posts and the other pregnant bloggers posts, I feel like I’m getting a better idea of what to expect when my time comes. You have the cutest little bump! I hope that you’re able to start sleeping a little bit better.

  7. Miss KP is growing in your belly! I love your bump. So cute!

  8. Almost halfway already! Wow... time flies. My friend is due in one month, and it's unbelievable how fast it's gone! Every time I see her, I'm shocked to see her look so pregnant; I feel like I just found out last week. It's a pretty amazing thing.