March 8, 2010

Fashion Show- Part I

Mrs. Dew style! I just got a BUNCH of clothes thanks to my birthday, but don't get too excited, it'a all maternity! I will say a couple things about these outfits, 1. they will be MUCH better with a tan and 2. they need a bigger belly to fill them out! I can't wait for either to happen!
Outfit #1
I L.O.V.E. this dress. Chambray is making a comeback this year and this is me rockin' it. I love it so much that I wore it yesterday with tights and boots to work, It's so comfy and I think it'll be so cute in the summer!

Outfit #2
We'll call this my "casual look". This shirt has A LOT of growing into but I can tell I will LOVE it when I'm bigger b/c it's very light-weight and comfortable.

Outfit #3
You will learn that I am OBSESSED with jean jackets for spring. I own 3 of them {I kid you not}. This dress is perfect b/c I can dress it up or down, work or play. That was kind of the basis for all the clothes I got. I didn't want 2 new wardrobes to last a few months so I tried getting things that would work double duty!

Outfit #4
This little top is one of my faves, I might get it in other colors too. I can see it with a pair of white bermudas once the weather warms up {and my legs get tan}.

Outfit #5
This dress is the same as the black but it's purple and I love it even more! Again, this can be dressed up and dressed down. And another jean jacket!

Outfit #6
LOVE maxi dresses, this one is VERY roomy and has removable straps but I have a feeling that stripper boobs will require straps all summer long. I can tell that when I'm bigger this dress will be a staple!

Outfit #7
This dress is MY VERY FAVORITE, I've already ordered it in pink too. What's so great about it {besides it's very comfy and actually flattering} it has POCKETS! OH how I love a dress with pockets! I might even be able to wear this one in BFF's wedding this summer!

So that's all for round one. I have more in the mail as I type and they will all get reviewed as well. I'd like to thank Old Navy for single-handedly dressing me this summer. I <3>


  1. Cute!! I love them all!! Your little belly is so cute!

  2. So cute!!! Where did you find those?? I had no luck!

  3. You look F-A-B!!! Love it all!

  4. such great choices!! and you would hardly know there was a little one inside... xxxooo

  5. Those outfits looks fabulous on you!

  6. Absolutely adorable outfits!! I love the purple dress with the jean jacket!

  7. making maternity magnificient!!! goodbye nicole richie..hello mrs dew!!

  8. Love you rockin' the heels!! Totally fab :) - and that first dress is really cute on you!

  9. I love all of your new looks! I just bought several new dresses and skirts at Old Navy! I just love their stuff and the price isn't bad either!

  10. You are darling! And now is the best time to be preggers with bohemian-ish styles being so in.

  11. Adorable maternity clothes...who knew there were such cute options out there!!

    And as for the jean jackets, I'm right there with you. A staple in the wardrobe :)