April 29, 2010

Ask Mr. Husband

I’ve had a few people ask if they could hear from the Mr. himself. Well now is your chance! The first EVER Life After I “Dew” Q&A session with my better half! Want to know what it’s like to live with the sometimes moody, yet always fabulous, pregnant Mrs. Dew? His feelings on being a new husband and daddy all in less than one year? Fears about parenthood? Did he want a girl? His favorite past time? Does he miss his party boy ways? Well ask away and I promise not to sway his answers!


  1. What are you looking forward to most with your new baby girl?

    What is the weirdest food craving Mrs Dew has sent you on the hunt for?

  2. What's the one thing most that excites you about getting ready to be a father?

  3. cute idea! I may have to copy this one! :)

  4. Oh, what a fun post.

    I will ask your husband if he has ever changed a diaper before on a real baby? I wish I could think of soemthing better :O)

    When I was pregnant we took a class and part of it had diapering. We both did well. Madison was actually the first really baby for both of us!! I didn't change my first diaper until I was home from the hospital. My husband did them all while we in the hospital because I had a c section. He did so good. He actually did too good. He cleaned her too well and gave her a little rash. I know he will not rub as hard next baby. Poor baby!! He was so helpful while we were at the hospital. I am sure your husband will be too!!

  5. Yea! okay hmm...
    1. What has been the biggest surprise about pregnancy?
    2. What is the funniest thing Shannon's done/said since being preggo?
    3. Do you have any "Fatherhood" moments you're looking forward to most?


  6. I would love to hear the story of how you all met!

  7. Oh, I have another.....

    Are you surprising Mrs Dew with any before baby vacations or weekend trips?